My Actifit Report Card: May 20 2022

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Are you feeling Chained Up?😳
When it rains, everything starts growing!
Silvertop you better start mowing soon, or you will soon be haying the grass Lol!🤣
Being in the forest, the grass is always damp. This makes for some very slippery mowing on hills!😲
My solution is to “chain up” my riding lawnmower…….ALWAYS!😇
Today was the continuing saga of Silvertop’s yard mowing!
As I started on the Northern section, that you can see in the fourth photo, I suddenly came to a abrupt stop!😬
The heavy chain I installed on the rear left tire came off the tire and was wrapped around the axle!😳
I turned off the Ryder, and proceeded to untangle this mess………
Pure sunshine, I didn’t want to stop mowing, back to the garage…….
Soon I was chained back up, I lost some metal parts in the yard, I’m sure I will find them one way or another Lol!😲
As I was finishing up I saw Liz pull in the driveway, that was good timing!
A Latte for me, and A Mocha for the Mrs, and it was time for an evening hike.
“Do I hear rain on the skylight Liz?”🤔
It’s been sunny all day!😎
Welcome to the Northwest Lol!🤣
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Daily Activity,Gardening,Hiking,House Chores


It ONLY rained. because it knew I was going for a hike after not being able to for the past 2 days because of work! Figures! 🙄


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