My Actifit Report Card: May 19 2022

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Time for a fire Dad, it’s cold!🥶
Cot “the baby Mountain Lion” is a true pyromaniac Lol !🤣😻
With the cool evening’s in the Northwest, I always lay up the kindling for the evening fire ahead of time!😊
Cot can be in a deep sleep, and still hear me putting paper in the wood stove! He will come running and sit by my side expecting me to light the fire immediately Lol!🤣
With a high of 52 degrees, I grabbed my warm sweatshirt and started mowing the back yard!🥶
I finished one large section I will mow more tomorrow…..🥲
Liz was texting…………..
“Silvertop I have been trying to get ahold of you!”🥰
Technology……Lol, what did we do before cell phones!🙃
“I’m hiking to the “High Trail” Liz, I am curious about the road improvements.”
You can see in the third photo, we still have a good snowpack, the peaks are still covered, and it’s May 19!
I didn’t want to bother the workers, so I followed this trail to the top of the ridge.
A clear cool day, it can stay like this all Summer!😎
Soon it was time to head back down, Liz will be home soon, and Cot is expecting me to light the evening fire!😻
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I NEED a vacation! 💜🤗😘

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