My Actifit Report Card: May 17 2022

in #actifitlast month

Big Boy toys!😊
The road work continued by our “High Trail” today…………….
“Silvertop we won’t be able to access the High Trail, the contractors are still working on the road!”😲
We have miles of trails on Sumas Mountain, we will just take a different trail!
No worries Liz, we can take the “Floor Trail”, then connect with “Sleeping Bear Hollow”, then on to “Soaring Eagle”!🥰
“On the return home, we can swing by the “High trail” the workers will have already gone home for the day!”
Silvertop can take more paparazzi photos!😇
The third photo is the beginning of the trailhead. On the way back home we dropped down this trail……..all the workers had gone home for the day!😊
We hiked these three trails, and then stopped mid mountain at “Soaring Eagle”!😎
I heard Jan say to Liz…… “What a beautiful place for a home!🤗
The new growth on the Douglas Firs has started. What you see in the last two photos is what they call “Candle’s”. This is the beginning of the new growth!
Soon these will twelve to eighteen inches tall, the forest is awakening!
We stopped at a flat lookout several hundred feet from the valley floor. Time was slipping away, and we had a long hike uphill back home!
“Nice hike Liz, where is @actifit-lamb, no hike today ?😇
Probably waiting for a Latte back home Lol!🤣
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊

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It was a beautiful hike with my best friend! As for @actifit-lamb........she's busy dealing with the influx of new family members who have arrived! She's a bit crazy at the moment, but she will share the family soon! 🐑😜😎👍🤗😘

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