My Actifit Report Card: May 15 2022

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I hope those bullet holes were only aimed at this sign Lol!🤣
“It’s time to go Silvertop, we need to set up our Instruments at Church early!”🥰
Five songs…..Liz and I had been practicing this week for Sunday Worship!😊
You can see what our sanctuary looked like before the flood in the third photo.
The second is where we are now………..
Things are beginning to progress! Two “mini-split Heat pumps are now installed, and up and running, and the sanctuary is now painted white. We are still in the coffee hour room, for now……….
When you can hear the congregation singing above your playing and singing you know that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing!😊
Liz and I have been leading Worship for over 15 years. Sometimes you hear zero feedback…….. that’s OK it never was supposed to be about us.
Other times you will hear how much they Loved the Worship set of music.
Then occasionally you will hear “ I really loved the music, but can you turn the volume down a bit!” 😳
So if the bullets aren’t flying I guess we are where we need to be!🥰
Busy morning Liz……… and it is pouring rain!😅
Even the Cows in the fourth photo were hiding under trees……….Smart Cows!
Do over, for our hike tomorrow honey, let’s just unwind for the evening!🥰
Everyone have a wonderful Sunday, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It was a good time leading worship at church and all for God! Cows might just be smarter seeking shelter, lol! At least we stayed dry today and with a nice warm fire-bonus! 😘💖🤗🎶🎵

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