My Actifit Report Card: May 14 2022

in #actifit2 months ago

How do you spell Relief!😊
Saturday morning……….
Silvertop’s truck would not start, it was time for a shopping trip to Cosco for a new replacement battery!
“Silvertop if we go shopping today, I will stop by the coffee shop and get us each a mocha Frappuccino!”🥰
Sounds good Liz!🤗
Well it was raining anyway Lol, so after running through our set of Worship music for tomorrow, I pulled my old truck battery out ………… the rain!😅
Everything is “greening” up in the Northwest, and you can see in the third photo, that the local farmers market is very well stocked!😊
Cosco was packed, the Canadian border is now open, and with the cost of almost everything cheaper in the U.S. it’s much more advantageous to shop in Washington state!
“A nice way to spend a rainy day Liz!”🥰
Looking at the last two photos you can see how wet everything is this time of year!
“Liz I think I am going to need another Latte now that we are back home Lol!”🥰
Now that’s the way to get rainy day steps!😇
Everyone have a wonderful weekend, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Well......I now have supplies to do our own mocha frappes, so we will still occassionally go get one, but let's face it......mine are much better! 🤗😘❤️☕️☕️☕️

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