My Actifit Report Card: May 13 2022

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Are you staying Active….Mr Bear is!😲
“ Hi Adam, happy Friday!”
I passed my neighbor running a chainsaw, clearing small trees away from one of our hiking trails.
He was telling me he spotted a Bear over at Westergreen’s. Where we were standing, was a second pile😳
Keep a good lookout Adam,
enjoy the weekend my friend!
I hiked onward to “Soaring Eagles” trailhead.😊
As I descended down Soaring Eagle, I could hear voices far down below.
It was Lynne, and two of her girlfriends.
“Hi Lynne, did you know we have a Bear!”
You can see where this post is going Lol!🤣
Lynne introduced me to her friends, and everyone wanted to see the Bear……….or at least the Bear scat………Silvertop passed his iPhone around and shared the photo of the scat!🤣
I continued to the bottom over 100 floors down, then up, as the three ladies hiked uphill back to the ridge top.
Springtime in the Cascades Mountains!
And I bet you thought Crypto prices were the only thing exciting!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Daily Activity,Hiking,House Chores


Beware of the bears! 😳🐻👀🙀 Everybody had better consider some bear spray! You just never know! This is the most scat that we've found in quite a number of years! Be careful, honey! 🤗😘❤️

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