My Actifit Report Card: May 12 2022

in #actifit2 months ago

I think something is outside Dad!😳
Not to worry Cot, your safe inside!😻
The Mrs got a text last night as we were both writing our post………
It was Joan our neighbor from the Yurt. She was out hiking near the off grid cabin, and spotted what you see in the fourth photo!
FRESH Bear scat!😳
It was only a few days ago Silvertop and Liz found a pile over on Westergreen’s trails, probably a quarter of a mile away by hiking trail.
Not that far for a Bear blazing a trail through the forest!😲
Joan was apparently more spooked than we thought. She texted again that she was clanking her hiking poles, and singing to try and not accidentally surprise a Bear!
This time of year…….. Late Spring, they are just coming out of hibernation.
They are hungry, and it’s best as always, to give these potentially dangerous animals wide berth!😇
Perhaps this Bear was an investor in Terra (LUNA), OUCH!!!😳
Less than a penny today…………
With this Bear on Silvertop’s hiking trails, and a hard cold rain pouring down, I kept to the wider gravel roads. My hood on my raincoat muffling the sounds of the forest, and any potential approaching furry friends!
Over Seventy one uphill rainy steps today, a good healthy hike!😅
Mr Bear can enjoy the forest, and today’s rain. In a few weeks as the weather warms up, they will head higher up into the Mountains.
But as always it’s best to be observant, we are hiking in their backyard Lol!🤣
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It brings back memories of my bear encounter a few years ago. I laugh at it now, but at the time, it wasn't funny! Maybe you should start telling me in a text, where you're headed just in case you get into trouble. Glad you stayed in the open today! I need my best friend! 😘😻🤗❤️

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