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The flower symbol of love.

A man who does not love flowers, is also finding the burden. We all love flowers. Come to the flower. Sitting next to the flower. Trying to change yourself to the touch of flowers. Try to change the mindset of his mind and come in contact with flowers. We are delighted with the love of flowers, we. Today's little arrangement of flowers. Our poets have created thousands of rhymes about flowers. We will try to discuss some of the poems in poetry, InshaAllah This is the highlight of the story 'Aslam Pradhan' I thought of this country as a rose garden. The mother thought of this country as a mother-in-law. Painted butterflies have seen the form of butterflies in our country map. In the garden of this country. In the words of Rameshara-

Gulabbagh flowers blossom in front of the mouth,

Mother's lap is illuminating baby's laugh.

Painted butterflies on the grasshopper's face,

You have to pay a little to see the income in the whirlpool.

* Yes poet really sujala-sofla thought that my country was flowerbagan. Our responsibility is to make our flower gardens as swelling of flowers. We will have to work to build a safe country like Phulbagan. Poets Our country is as safe as a flower garden, it is our hope that we All of us
  • Swappenil has compared this beautiful country with the golden field of flowers, another great starring of 'Jugalul Haider'. He has seen the effect of dew, and it is my country. The roarakara heard the bamboo trumpet in the field lip of this country. See the wings of the flute to wake the flowers. These love birds are attracted by the attraction of birds. Find out about love. In the language of Rakkar 'Jaglul Haider'

In the field, the swelling of the swollen flax,

From the ground, the wind blows on the lips.

The swelling of the air bamboo heard the life of the swelling,

If I look like a bird, then suddenly I forget the mind.

Rakrakaran has made your own country in the shape of nature, but you have made it yourself. The country's maternal uncle has erected with the feeling of personal heart. So say, the poets literally understand that.

  • One of the promising young poets in your life thinks that "Tishal young poet The poet has seen dreams filled with swollen life. Reality with mind The poorest of the poorer sunshine saw the brown nights. The poet's mind wakes up in the clouds of the sky. The attraction of love, the poet wants to draw the flowers in the air lip. You've got to eat with your loved ones personally.
    The romance of flowers, birds and the sky happened with the heart of another poet. The neoclassical poet 'Musafir' has thought of flowers. With love birds But why did everyone cheat him? The poet's heart is heartbreaking. In Kabir language-

The romance of flowers, birds and the sky happened with the heart of another poet. The neoclassical poet 'Musafir' has thought of flowers. With love birds But why did everyone cheat him? The poet's heart is heartbreaking. In Kabir language-

Rain has not gone, Cloud cloud sunrise,

Bashundhara flower birds are dry heart.

But he did not get the love that he wanted to get in love with the poet. Why? What is the deficit between flowers? What is the lack of swelling? That's the point of thinking now. Today, the imbalance of the weather is what we are seeing but we have to think. We are responsible for the disaster in nature. We are responsible for our negligence. We need to be more aware. Otherwise we will be damaged once.

  • We know flower as a symbol of love. But why is the recent attitude of many poems manifested in him? We know that the poets take time to personally take care of yourself. Poets remember the time of the time. But the poets are watching anything? Anything else! They can say the best. What the poets see with insights is quite right. We are misunderstanding the recent flowers. When the woman's flowering fascination is being bloody, she will be thinking of poet.That's exactly what happened. We feel the smell of flowers. Be enamored Be happy And this time a socialist thinker thinks behind the horizon. The poet does not see the pull of flowers. Do not drink swells and poets. What you think about the poet's flower is really sad, it is really sad. Causes trouble. The poet said. In the language of Mahfuzur Rahman Akhanda-
    The story of independence has changed quite a lot in recent years
    Seeing green as the crop field
    Shimul became palatable, like palash or blood peak
    I take a look at the smell of Shapla lotus
    Cobbler kills the cobbler in Mahanonday

I do not know how much you agree with Kabir Achinta, but why should you feel like this now. Time seems to be bloody now. There is no fragrance and no fragrance. Love does not fancy flowers. Today the bloody human body in the streets and gates. Tanur's heart, Rajan's heart, Khadija's heart. I do not know how bloody the environment will once again swell and swell.

  • Walk in the past environment. Wished to end this long period of time by bringing the past forward. The expectation of the poet will be the time of the whim. Bhuban will be enlightened again. The swelling will blossom in the world. Bashundhara will be awake again in the green cover In Kabir language-

Gray-memory walks alone in the deep corners of the mind

Phulpakhera jagajge night at night.

The hope is that everyone loses light on their hopes

The whim will come out at the end of the morning dighralate.

  • We hope with the hope of the poet. One day whim will surely be cut off at this time. The light of the heart will again be ignited in the light of knowledge. In order to make society better, it will be delighted by the scent of flowers, human beings. We can expect that. Hope in Joyhok. Swapnil is beautiful or the next Bashundhara


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