A Day Outside! {More Berries & A Group Run}

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We've got blackberries! Hello my friends! I'm a happy gal this evening after getting to go grab the first round of blackberries for the season. They're still a bit tart this early, but I think they are fantastic. I think @dksart and I both munched on our fair share while out in the field picking.

So many are ripening up, so I'm sure if we get rain the next few days like we're supposed to they'll really explode! We managed to pretty easily get 2 gallons.

The day was a bit overcast, which actually made for much more comfortable conditions. It's been so hot lately that we enjoyed the short reprieve. This next photo you can see the sky more, and the berries we were headed to after the blackberries...

This was my first time picking blueberries!

These were pretty sparse, so we only grabbed one bucket this time around. Hopefully we can get more next time! No peaches ready for picking, but we did opt for one more bucket of strawberries to cap off the visit.

They taste like candy now! The season is just about done for strawberries, so we'll enjoy as many of these fresh as possible since I've got plenty frozen. Not a bad few hours hanging out in nature! 😉

Not long after we got back I had my turn to go lead the warm-up for the local run group. The running store that hosts it is celebrating 15 years in business, so it was a big event! I haven't run since my half marathon last week but felt good enough today to head out with the group. I kept my pace slow and actually felt alright throughout to get an easy 4 miles.

I'm glad my back and hips are finally getting back to normal so I can get back to my running routine! They gave out free shirts for joining in on the celebration. Glad I actually earned mine, haha!

Whew, a full day for sure! Time to crash and rest up for whatever tomorrow has in store.

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Ohhhhh my! Does that ever look good! I would be like a black bear on 4 legs if I accidentally stumbled upon all that berry goodness! Good stepping to by the way @plantstoplanks! It looks like those berries didn't gather themselves! :D

Haha, yep we definitely filled our bellies quite full of berries. Finally working on some homemade jam right now so we don't let any of that goodness go to waste! Excellent stepping fuel. ;)

My mouth is so watering over those berries… jell- luss!!!! I can’t wait to eat fresh berries again. Check you out foraging for your own stuff… I love how you go out and pick your own fruit. It’s amazing to me. I can imagine the yumminess these would contribute to my nice creams 😋 super drool.

How did your 1/2 marathon go? I’m sorry i missed it. I’m sure you killed it though. Did you get another medal, Gangsta? You’re such a dope person Plants 😉

Well hello there! Nice to see you pop up in my comments. :) It really makes my heart happy every time we get to go! I'm so thankful that plenty of other people love doing the u-pick, too, so there's quite a few farms that offer it. Nothing beats having that direct connection to your food source! Though I still could use some help here in the kitchen working through all these bad boys... ;)

Well, the half didn't go as planned, but it's all good. Here's the recap if you want the blow by blow. Feeling good now, though, so I'm focused on the next goal! I ran with a woman today who joined in on an event at the gym where I work, and it was pretty inspiring to chat with her (while I tried to hold on to her speedy pace and be able to keep talking, haha). She does everything from half marathons to 100-mile races. Oh, and she's on her way to Peru later today to hang out at Machu Picchu. There's a lot of dope chicas hanging around.

That’s amazing. Dandays has a cousin who runs like that. I am always amazed with those that run races on the regular. Maybe if I had a friend like you close by I’d get into the races too.

A half marathon is nothing to sneeze at- it’s big time. Our trainings don’t always manifest as intended but in the end all that matters is the finish line. You’re amazing Plants!

Now, about those berries… I’m expecting some yummy jammy cakes from you soon 😉. We are actually leaving CR and coming back to NY for a few days before heading out again and I’m so excited to delve into all of the fruits and veggies I’ve been missing 👏👏👏. I think the first thing I want is a huge kale salad. I might just go to Whole Foods and pig out on their salad bar. Haha

Haha, I was just telling Lena I need to catch up and share all the things I've made with our berry haul! Lots of good stuff, with hopefully more to come, too. ;)

Oh man, enjoy that salad bar! Love that kale salad is the thing you are really drooling over. I got the first eggplant of the season at the market yesterday, so a ratatouille with chickpea fries is on the menu tonight. About to go get it started in a few...


That was a lot of berry picking. My back would be killing me after that. And then you went on a 4 mile run as well. Wow! That's a really cool shirt, by the way. I'm sure you'll do all kinds of wonderful things with all those berries. Glad your hips and back are feeling better, I hope you don't wake tomorrow with a set back after all that bending and stooping to pick those berries.

So far so good. I'll get some good stretching in when I get to work. The strawberries are the worst since you really have to crouch down, but the other ones aren't too bad since they are on higher bushes. The blackberries can actually be pretty easy to pick since I'm tall enough to reach the highest parts of the bush. It's handy to have long arms, haha!

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So fun activity! I want be there

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It's always a pleasure to go picking! A great way to spend an afternoon. 😊

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Wow it was a large harvest. Picking blackberries are on our list too :) I was just happy to see the photos of yards and berries. Buon appetito @plantstoplanks!

I hope you get to go soon! I try to go a few times a season to make the most while it lasts. Nothing beats fresh off the bush. 😀

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Thanks @actifit gang! :)

Those berries are MASSIVE!
I am imagining jams, preserves, ice cream toppings!
Oh yeah!

Massively delicious, haha! I think I'm going to make some blackberry jam today. That's always the hardest part--finding time to make everything I want with all the goodies! :)

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Perfect day for berry picking :) Yes, I am totally jealous and salivating right now, lol Eating your way down the path ....what a perfect day!

After a few thwarted tries recently, it was nice to get rewarded for patience. ;) The only bummer was of course they did peaches the next day, so we missed having four fruits instead of just three! Probably better though as I don't want any to go to waste, so we'll hopefully get our shot at peaches soon when the strawberries are done. :)

Now that is a day living life. I was never much for berries myself for whatever reason but man do I like picking them. My girls are completely fine with that as they just get to eat more.

Plus some great exercise and a neat new shirt.

A day berry well spent.

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Totally one of those days full of simple pleasures! Doesn't get much better than that! I enjoy the experience so much, but also enjoy the "fruits" of the labor just as much. I was completely whipped on Wednesday after all this Tuesday activity, but it was well worth it. Looking forward to doing it at least once more this season!

Berries 💙

Actifit 💙 LOVE ♬
Let's Keep On !
#steem ♨ On !

Plenty of blue in this one for you! 🤗

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@plantstoplanks 💙💙💙 Blue ♩♬

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Oh my gosh, I almost missed this post, although I saw it on IG!!! I can smell them trough the screen! YUM! 🍇😍🍇

These strawberries were definitely the best of the season so far! So ripe and juicy! Working on some jam and contemplating what else to make now, too. I made a delicious triple berry crumble that I need to share here. I made some more of your cashew cream with a little fresh ginger to top it. Oh my goodness, so good!

I went to check your blog, but no tipple berry crumble yet! I hope it will be there tomorrw, lol,

I hope so, too!! I think I'm just going to do one post on all the berry-licious things I've been putting together. I can't seem to catch up on what I'd like to share lately, so might as well throw as much in one post as I can, haha!

Oh I see! One of your specialities! Making hard for me to comment, lol.

Thats an awfullot of berries. I guess the tart ones are good for cooking with.

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I'll share at least a few of them. 😉 Definitely going to try to do some cooking and many will get frozen for smoothies and nice cream, too.

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Oh wow, all of those look so delicious, I'm jealous haha. I'll have to see about doing some berry picking of my own soon.

Excellent activity count :) I really should get into running. Haha, or at least find a way to get my capoeira tracked.

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Berry season is the best time of year! I tried to be really good this past winter and stay as local as possible in my food choices, but once my frozen berries ran out I could feel myself craving fruit like crazy! It has made me appreciate when they are in season that much more. Hopefully I'll load up the freezer even more so I won't run out before the end of the cold season this next time around. ;)

I bet you log up some killer movement during capoeira! It would be interesting to get a cheap Fitbit or other activity tracker to see if it would track your "steps".

Haha I hope you can as well :) that's really something I need to be better about. Or just move somewhere tropical haha :) do you make jams or just freeze them?

I feel like it wouldn't be worth it financially. Maybe if I have a friend wanting to get rid of one.

I did do some more jam, but just a basic refrigerator version. I'm not quite to the level of doing my own canning for pantry storage just yet. Most of the extras we do freeze to use later on. Always the easiest way to keep some for later. ;)

I hear you on the Fitbit. Especially since you're already very active anyway, so it's not like you need the motivation like some people do. :)

Oh cool. I don't really know what that would be, I've never personally made jam or done any canning but I've heard it's a pretty interesting experience. I think this year I'll have to look into doing some berry picking and freezing. I love having frozen berries to put in shakes.

That's very true. I would essentially be only doing it for the actifit bonus haha.


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thanks so much for the sweet treat!

Hey @plantstoplanks

What better way to increase your step count than to pick some delicious, fresh fruit, and to eat healthy.

Glad to hear that you are feeling back to normal on the run. Nice T! 😁


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Thanks Gaz! Getting closer and closer to feeling 100%! All this berry goodness sure should help with the recovery. :)

The berries look so fresh and juicy 😋

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They are as good as they look! A friend's little boy was gobbling up the blackberries today. :)

The berries, I like their sweet sour taste ... the strawberry, the sweet and the perfume. Wonderful day!

The strawberries really are so aromatic! Very heavenly to smell as I enjoy each bite. I enjoy the tartness of the other berries, as well. Such a nice, bright bite!

Of course. Nothing can be better than a ripe strawberry, fresh ...

Wicked cool score with the berries! So glad you were able lead the warm-up run, and that you're feeling better. Hope you got some good rest after your berry busy day! 🍓 😉 😊

Phew, finally getting a chance to catch up after a busy few days! Though now in addition to the berries I have my latest farmers market haul to figure out what I'm cooking for the week. But I am very happy to be feeling better again so getting in the kitchen is back to being fun! :)

keep rubbing it in, Katie!!!!

we are back to snow here, crazy hahaha summers totally gone wtf :(

What??? More snow? Holy crap that's crazy! Come on down and visit. I will gladly share my berries!

its sunny but chilly today

yesterday/last night was snowing HARD, not too far from us

yeaaaaah, them berries, are mouthwatering!!!

i will be visiting USA for sure, in 23 days, but far from your way tho, Katie.

Disneyland here I come hahaha


Never been much of a blackberry eater, though I do like a good pie made with them. My friends on the way home from school used to eat them, but after seeing worms in them I just couldn't

I did make a nice baked triple berry crumble with them yesterday, so that might be more your speed. ;)

Are you growing all these berries or did you go to a picking farm @plantstoplanks? They look soooooooo good. 💕

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We went to a farm! We just got our first strawberry plant from a family friend, so maybe in the future we'll have some of our own. For now I'm just happy to have access to such a great local farm!

Wow, that’s so much berries. ThAt must have been so fun and I hope your legs will feel a lot better. Thanks for sharing this with us and have. Great day

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Yep, we got another great haul! Feeling good after a week of eating these beauties, so we'll be ready to go back for more soon, haha!

Look at those bushes!

Ahem! This will be the only time you will see me say that. It is a nice bush though.

Hahaha! That gave me quite the giggle to start out the day!

What a combo 😍😍 delicious fresh berries...and some awesomeness actifitivity 👍👍💪💕💕💕🙏

Much Love 💞💞💞

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That's pretty much the better part of my waking hours--fueling and being active. Just repeated multiple times throughout the day, haha! :)