My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

Good day, and another one coming! I ran the robot at work last night. Probably the most physically active spot in the department, and a lot of fun. Didn't sleep too well today cause the neighbor was cutting wood with a chainsaw, so I got up a couple hours early. Oh well. I may go ask if they want help disposing of it. I've got an itch to make another hugelkultur bed...

Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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I’ve seen some others use this Actifit too. What’s it all about? And what is the activity count number?


It's somewhat akin to a Fitbit. Their app uses the sensors in your phone to count the steps you take. There's probably plenty of pedometer apps, but this one is based on steem and will pay you in their native SMT (AFIT) when Hard Fork 20 hits the main net this spring. If you get 10k+ steps in a day, it pays out 100 tokens. You also get an upvote from them and their curation trail. Fewer tokens for fewer steps, but I'm not sure the exact numbers.

It's really getting popular. I see a whole lot of actifit posts in my feed every day.


Very interesting! I’m trying to get away from my phone more lol so that wouldn’t work for me. Those darn phones are taking over our lives!


I have tried a couple times. It works for a while and then it stops working lol

I was surprised yesterday how bad it tracks on the iphone also surprised about that the postings do give beneficiaries to actifit!
Still could come handy when I don’t know what to post!


Sucks it doesn't work on iOS. Another good reason to switch to Android ;)

It's definitely a great way to sneak in an additional post every day. I'm coming in around 3-4 posts a day now with the help of actifit and steepshot.

Congrats! You just reached the top level milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 100 Actifit tokens for attaining 10141 steps!
You also received an 3.75% upvote via @actifit account.