My Actifit Report Card: August 30 2018

in actifit •  4 months ago

I live across the street from a horse ranch so I get to walk right past the same 6 horses every morning while taking my walk with my pal Rosko. The horses have gotten quite use to use and seem to walk the fence line most days with us. My dog Rosko is so curious about them, he always watches them as we walk by. They seem to like him so I finally decided to stop today and say hello to one of them. This horse walked right up to me and let me pet it 😎 it was pretty cool. Horses are fricken awesome!

Just went on a 5 mile walk today, took my other dog to the park and then went grocery shopping at the organic store.. Oh yeah and some yard work obviously! Shit never ends. LoL.

Anyhow, stay fit... Stay ACTIFT!! Huh, I kinda like that as a saying.. What do you think?

Daily Activity, Walking

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I think it's a great saying! I'm totally diggin it bro! <333 :)

and OMGGGGosh are you lucky to see the same horses (any horses LOL) everyday! I wish I had that blessing hehe....I agree they are sooooo freakin awesome! When you pass by them tomorrow pls say 'hey, @thereikiforest says hi' even if you only say it in your mind they will 'hear you' and I will major appreciate it! Thanks Buddy! and keep up the awesomeness...the actifitastic awesomeness ;)


Oh yeah and some yard work obviously! Shit never ends. LoL.

Same here!!! LOL!!!

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Cool man! Glad to see your pictures and to hear about your progress, 5 miles that is a fairly decent little walkabout...



Its not terrible, i try to walk 4 miles and run 2 miles everyday but its hard some days with all the heat and humidity coming in early every morning and all the other things I need to do throughout the day.. But thats life I guess 😉

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