Actifit Task: Create a Video Tutorial Based on V0.3 Beta

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As of the launch of our Actifit Android app version 0.3beta, we believe having a high quality video tutorial will be tremendously helpful for users to be able to learn more about Actifit, and make the best out of their Actifit experience.


We are looking for a high quality video tutorial that features the below:

  • A general overview of Actifit concept (SMT, token rewards, activity types (anything...), Android app, download link,...)
  • An on-screen display experience showcasing the different activities available within the app:
    • Main screen display along with step counter
    • Lock screen display with notification at the top
    • Post to Steemit screen
    • Tracking History Screen display
    • Daily Leaderboard display and details about which posts show here
    • Wallet screen
    • Settings screen and the different components
  • A review of the reward distribution approach (delegators, actifitters, upvoters)
    The setting can start off showing someone walking, walking their dog, or working out at the gym, and then moves to show the app in details.
    The above are more of guidelines, feel free to suggest better approach.
    Please also make sure to share the script with me before hand to confirm that the content is accurate.


We would love to have this available within 2 weeks from today.


In addition to the potential for a Utopian upvote, we will also assign to this task 500 Actifit tokens as a thank you bounty for this job.


If you have any questions or would like to contact me for further details on the task or on means of cooperation, feel free to either comment on this post, or reach out:


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I would love to see some great video content on this task request from you fine producers.
@alexendre-maxim @Sargoon @official-hord @tensor @rosatravels


I may take a crack at it if I have some time. Thank you for the mention. @buckydurddle


Thanks for the mention, I'll take a shot at it.

Thanks for submitting this excellent video tutorial task request @mcfarhat.

2 weeks is a good duration for contributors to work on this project. For the SMT section of your video I suggest that you provide a script or at least some talking-points so contributors will have something to work from. I feel that SMT could be such a complex topic that contributors may not know how to word an appropriate explanation. If there are other sensitive portions of the video you want worded in a specific way I suggest you provide some wording around those as well.

Looking forward to seeing some great video contributions.


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Hey @mcfarhat
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Hello @mcfarhat. I'm a Motion Graphics Designer and Animator. I will make you an awesome video. Is the task still open?
You can check out some of my works here: