My Actifit Report Card: September 5 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

Walking today netted big results. Trying this application out really showed me how sensitive it is. It also taught me how many steps I take in a day without realizing it. I went for a short walk this morning and was able to amass a few thousand steps. I spent a little bit of time on the phone pacing as I talked and I was shocked that I had over 10,000 steps when I looked at it again.


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Congrats! You just reached the top level milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 100 Actifit tokens for attaining 10675 steps!
You also received an 2.88% upvote via @actifit account.

I'm making no progress with the app at all. I took my dog for a 15 min. walk and only wound up with about 1100 steps, and the rest of the day I've added about another 1100 walking around the house and property. Don't you have to do at least 5k steps to qualify at all? At this rate, I don't think I'll ever earn a single token.


Did you have any further luck, if you keep the device on you most of the day it should track it. I was able to download the app today and post finally :). Alittle late.


I finally got it working, but then after 2 full days of activity had not been able to get anywhere near the needed 5,000 steps. I do about half that, and that includes walking the dog for 15 minutes to start each day. So I gave up.

This is great news, I'm so happy to see you here! You are doing everything you can to build up coins for the MannaCurrency Bank. Enjoy your new app, and I look forward to your next activity report! 👍

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