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Do you want to earn while you workout? If so, check this cool ios/android app which pays you for working out with AFIT tokens. You can use this token with steem vote. Check my referrals if you are interested. Here is my referral:

Remember 20 AFIT tokens which can be earned with around 7k steps gets you 1.1$ steem upvote.


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hi - i have 26.133 AFIT TOKENS - how can i change them to steem $ ??/

Using Afit token

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Thanks @lawless for this information about Actifit. I have the app but i have taken long without using it. I will resume using it one of these days. Have you bought for yourself some Utopian's Steem secret bundles? Actifit is also a great partner in this Utopian Indiegogo campaign. You can check out my post about it following the link below:


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