My Actifit Report Card: September 5 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

I went for a jog! This is my first Actifit post! I’m so excited about this app! I’ve got this on my iPhone currently. I don’t think it’s completely accurate yet. My Fitbit says I have 4,800 steps. But I assume because it first launched it may take some time! I love all these new additions to Steemit


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This is the PERFECT APP for you! You're SuperActiveAndFit!!! :D

I'm so happy that you are here on @actifit and I'll be watching your number. My top number is just over 20K mainly earned from jumping around like a maniac to my favorite songs which are generally FAST. :)

I'm pretty sure you will blow away my number once you get the hang of it. Flick your wrist if you have your phone in your hand. Kind of like Air Drum :D

So WELCOME once again and thanks for your generous votes on my recent @actifit activity reports. Thanks and Hugs! <3


JUmping around? Like A jumprope hehe ?
LOL!! I will have to geez! Those numbers are impressive though! We will see! I've been wearing it to my physical job too so that should help!



Jumping around like in my own private mosh pit! 😝😀 I know you like some of the same metal bands that I do so just put on your favorites and freak out, and don't forget to include air guitar and air drums!

Yeah but maybe don't do that at work. 😝 But def stick your phone in your sock maybe! I get a little bit bigger numbers when I do that instead of just leaving it in my pocket. 👍

Also, are you on @partiko yet? Our friend @stellabelle has been writing about it. it's a pretty cool phone app that lets you do pretty much everything you can do on the steemit website but you also earned tokens which will become smt's someday. Check that out too if you wanna. ☺

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Glad to see you starting to use Actifit @kaylinart, and thank you for the delegation and for the nice words!
The app is still beta, so there might be issues on specific phone models, we are constantly working on improving the experience and the tracking accuracy.
Would be great to have you on discord, always happy to get more feedback!
@mcfarhat - @Actifit Founder
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Thank you!!! I actually noticed it working better today then the first day I downloaded it! I totally understand it having some bugs with it being so new! But I plan to stick around with this project! I'm super excited about it.

Welcome to the world of actifit...I too love this app :)

@kaylinart it will probably need to work out the BUGS........


They will! I have confidence that they will and this will be a great app to use heheh

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Actifit uses iPhone’s built in pedometer, so if that disagrees with Fitbit, Actifit will seem inaccurate. I love how it encourages me and you to be more active.

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Thank you I had no idea! It does encourage us to be more active I love it!

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Nice @kaylinart :-) Check out my blog I'm starting to do some fitness articles you may be interested in.

Thank you!

You may want to read Part 8 again as I have rewritten it and made it better :-)


I think I will also get the app soon, great innovation. Nice to see you keeping fit and healthy


You should! It’s really simple and I’m liking it so far

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there is no other word for you @kaylinart, always passionate and successful always.

An application to count the steps that must be great to keep track of what you have done works as a great motivation in my opinion!