How to Get Started on Actifit

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How to Get Started on Actifit


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Ever since I found Actifit, I have been exercising and blogging daily. I wear a Fitbit and connect my Fitbit app to Actifit. This makes it super simple. Every night I sync them up to make sure I've gotten credit for all of my steps that day and write a post from the Actifit app. It inspires and motivates me every single day to be active, even when I've had a crazy day and I’m tempted to be a couch potato!

Getting started on Actifit is easy, especially if you have a Steem account. I created this post to help people get started, whether or not they are already on Steem.

  1. If you are not yet set up on Steem, create an Actifit/Steem account and buy some Steem. Learn how here.
  2. If you already have a Steem account, you can create an Actifit account using this referral link.
  3. Download the app for Android or iOS.
  4. Get at least 1,000 steps daily and post about it from the Actifit app; get at least 5,000 steps to receive upvotes from @actifit. See examples of Actifit posts here.

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Join me on Actifit! Get inspired to move every day, get fit and get rewards. Click this referral link to get started.


Actually you only need 1000 steps to be able to post.. but 5000 is where you get rewarded from @Actifit

Ah! I bet I knew that and forgot. Thanks @davedickeyyall. I will update the post.

How long you been doing the whole actifitbit?

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Good question, @enginewitty! It has been almost exactly a year. In that time I have posted 319 “rewarded activity reports.” For a while I was posting from Actifit a few times a week. Then I switched to daily.

Thank you so much for the support!

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