My Actifit Report Card: October 30 2019

in actifit •  12 days ago 

Good evening Steemians and Actifitters!

Quite late to submit my @actifit report again for Tuesday. I have been to a distant town the entire day, and that I am unable to post anything. I didn't reach my goal yesterday with only more than 2,800 activity counts, which is more than half of the 5,000 daily goal.

I am not too active yesterday as I just did my online stuff. My exercises are not enough to reach my goal. I also had anxiety attacks that I had a hard time to cope with it.

The view at the park in Capitol Compound. We are having a rest after our lunch.

Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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lingayen capitol?

Yes! That's where I live.

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oh I see! 😄