My Actifit Report Card: 1월 3 2019

in actifit •  13 days ago

며칠 전부터 몸살감기가 심하게 결려서 걷기도전은 못 하고 있었습니다. 이틀 연속 링거 맞고 일하고 있는데 오늘은 좀 좋아졌어요. 그나마 독감이ㅜ아니라서 다행이에요. 여러분도 감기 조심하세요. 이미 걸리신 분은 빨리 회복되시길....

A few days ago, I was not able to take a walk because my body was severely wounded. I have been working for two days in a row and I am getting better today. I'm glad it's not flu. Be careful of you too. If you already have a chance to recover quickly ....


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