My Actifit Report Card: January 3 2019

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Awesome! I have not noticed this before. Diagrams and charts are amazing and I bow down to Actifit and to the person who got the idea to put a chart here too. I love charts! :)

Today I woke up really early (7am is early for me) because there's a renovation going on in our apartment house and they are drilling again in the stairway, so I decided to try to get 10k steps before 10 am.
--> @wil.metcalfe's AutomaticWin. I had a bunch of errands to run, so off to the city streets I went!

NOPE. It seems I was too optimistic. Never underestimate a talkative neighbor and the amount of complains that there are about this renovation that has been going on for two months and at least one year to go. Now I know that about 30 minute talking and standing would have easily been 3000 steps. The important last steps to achieve the automaticwin. I should have not come back home to empty my bags, I never got back out there in time. Oh well, tomorrow or next week then.

Because I use Fitbit, my Actifit app front page looks like this (no step count) :

I'm hoping that next time when I DO get the required 10k before 10am, a screenshot from the Fitbit app or one of these screencaptures from Actifit app will be enough:



If the renovation starts again tomorrow with drilling in the stairway, which is made of stone, I may get AutomaticWin tomorrow. I think I will have to rehearse next weeks lessons and invent new choreographs. So 7000 steps in an hour shouldn't be a problem. It all depends. I really want to sleep more than get the AutomaticWin tomorrow, but if the renovator gods or lords decide otherwise, I will wake up early. And cranky. And if I'm cranky, that has to involve dancing to heavy music and coffee cup on the other hand.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Todays steps:
Running around the city between 8 and 11 am, moving stuff at home from place A to place B. Muscle toning and stretching and making a video of it, playing with cats. --> Meaning: me running around the apartment dragging a yarn and a fake mouse attached to it, cats mostly watching what the heck I'm doing. Actifit should definitely have a "playing with cats" activity in it.

Tomorrow I'll post the video!


Daily Activity, Walking

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Hi @geekdancing! I LOVED this @actifit report! It was positive, interesting, and even made me laugh so thank you! Thank you as well for telling the world about the #AutomaticWin iniative! 😊

By the way! I LOVE charts as well! Those are some great step counts! Is this because those renovator lords/gods have been keeping you busy? Or is it the cats... it must be the cats 🐱! Hahaha! 😂

Well! Good luck on achieving an #AutomaticWin! I’ll watch for that! High-Five!

P.S. I didn’t know that @Actifit displays their count like that when linked with Fitbit. I’m exclusive to @Actifit (Although I’m super excited that we now hove Fitbit functionality!) Perhaps you could screenshot the “Tracking History” page of the @actifit app? Does that show your step count?

I’m going to have to mention this as a potential fix to @mcfarhat the project developer. 🙂


Thank you as well for telling the world about the #AutomaticWin iniative!

An excellent initiative and I wish I would some days be awake enough to participate it. :)

Renovator lords keep me busy only if the noise is so loud that I have to leave the apartment and walk around the town. Walking is of course a good thing, but then my classes are left unplanned. So usually, if I have the opportunity to plan my classes at home in peace, it involves playing music loud, jumping in front of the computer, writing something down, playing with cats, dancing with coffee on the other hand, stumbling in to furniture and cats, more dancing and perhaps some other daily activity like eating and laundry, few squats and push ups and such when finding the right music with the fitting beat. You know. By the end of the day, lots of bruises, coffee on the floor, dishes and dirty clothes still there where they were yesterday and the day before, knees bleeding and cats laughing at me silently. Like cats usually do. When they are not planning on killing me. "Yes. The human is still amusing us, let's not kill her just yet."

So yes. Must be the cats. :D

Tracking history page shows always the current step count on the top. So if I get up early and if I get the 10k before 10am, history page should show it correctly.

P.S. I will now try to do what the #HighFiveFriday post commands me to do.


I just HAD a really good laugh out loud when I read your comment! Bruises and bumps are just going to happen for you by the sounds of it! But hey! It’s signs of life and that translates into plenty of steps I’m sure! 😅

Soooo... ummm... keep on bumping into things and dancing with your cats @geekdancing! 🤣

And I hope those renovation lords wake you up for an #AutomaticWin! It’s a worthy cause to wake up to if you ask me! 💨👟🏅

@runridefly has been insane for years.

Playing with the cats sounds like one of the most entertaining ways to gain @actifit activity.

Thank you for replying on my insane #reply100 challenge, and #SteemOn

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Cats. We humans are here on earth to entertain cats.

How's the reply100 challenge going?

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