My Actifit Report Card: January 30 2019

in actifit •  24 days ago

Didn’t get much in today! Had a long ass meeting and presentation. Will def get in at least 7,000 tomorrow!

I’ll get around to commenting and upvoting ( and tweeting ) tomorrow as well ( that’s later today for most of you! I gotta take it easy, and rest! Stay blessed y’all



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Don't understand really . Can u plz tell me about this?


It’s an app called actifit, it’s like Nike run but only tracks your activity , movement, when you walk or run. Download and try it out , log in the app with your posting key

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4683 not a good sound

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Yeah it was a shit meeting day with presentations ! I wanna be free to be me

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Good day friend. Technology has advanced in giant steps. Our physical activities can be monitored digitally. Applause for science.