💚 My Actifit Report & Wellness Journal - (03/25/2019) 💚

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This is my favorite season...but you can't have spring without rain...which automatically means mega FIBRO flare! Between curling up under my heating blanket and coloring...I have also been restlessly shuffling around my apartment all day. Cabin fever is hard when your body refuses to be well enough to go outside. Despite extreme effort...I only managed to meet the posting limit and not the reward limit. One of these days...I will be able to post 5K. The dreamer in me also wants the 5K to feel about as easy as breathing. But until this time...the 1.5K range seems to be about the area where I crash. At least on the 'normal' sort of days.

I also posted earlier...the first of 77 little pushup inspired videos on Twitter to help promote the Steem blockchain and Actifit. I see this as a dual purposed opportunity to contribute to the movement...and at the same time stay motivated and accountable for daily stretching.

Most people don't realize that bending your knees and folding at the hips...is one of the best ways to practice touching your toes. Back when I actually went to physiotherapy...I was often told that my flexibility was outstanding compared to others with similarly advanced CRPS. It has been a really long winter though...and I suffered some major setbacks last year while being diagnosed with SIBO. Being bedridden half the time definitely did not help matters. Seeing as I have long since stopped doing any stretches...I am basically starting right from square one again.


Day 01...toe touches look super stiff and weird...but I will slowly be able to pull my knees back. I really...really want to be origami like in the video linked above! Check it out...because it makes a lot of sense. I ended up doing more than seven stretches today...because I was trying to figure out how to best hold my camera. And...it goes to show how much I really do need to work on improving the strength in these particular muscles...because I can feel the ache at the back of my legs right now. Like REALLY FREAKING hurts. But I will not cry...because I have been through a million times worse. This seemingly basic exercise? Not so simple after all...at least for me. But...I am grateful to have a clear idea which direction is up and forward and it has to be better than my current state.

This brand new yoga mat has been calling me from the closet all winter! I have felt endlessly guilty not being able to use it all this time. I kept telling myself that I would...soon enough. I wasn't procrastinating...just waiting for the right time to work around my limitations. This time of year...in this climate always means more mobility...so I have been counting down the days. The stitched on label suggests that it was probably not too cheap to begin with...but I managed to snag it for $5 at some yard sale last year.


About five minutes after unrolling it for the first time...and marveling at the beautiful newness...I walked into the kitchen. Those of you who live with cats will know exactly what happened next. My little monster immediately dug her claws into the squishy foam and chewed off a chunk on the edge. Noooooooo! Thanks ever so much for breaking it in...Willow! I love my cat more than life itself...but seriously...she is the reason why I can't have nice things. Life with fur babies is never boring...and for that I am blessed. Despite whatever condition it eventually ends up in...this mat and I will become old friends. I won't be jumping straight back into yoga...but will however be using this mat for daily stretching that will lead to daily yoga...and after that hopefully daily walks outside.

Small steps....I keep telling myself to take small steps for crying out loud!


Today...I will be nominating @riverflows to take part in the #seven77 challenge...along with being welcomed into the @actifit community....if you haven't already! You can find out everything you need to know about the movement here. We are raising awareness for our blockchain and recognizing future potential through activities to increase the value of Steem this year.










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I was thinking about you recently and wondered how you are doing. I've been absent for so long I'm out of the loop with everyone here. Glad to see you are hanging tough.

My cats love to ruin foam things. We got our daughter a foam puzzle mat so she could learn to put shapes inside of bigger shapes. One of my cats ate the corners off and another clawed left claw marks all over. Good luck with the yoga mat. At least Willow broke it in for you lol.


Always good hearing from you! Today...Willow further broke in the mat with rubbing in fur and cat litter...lol. As long as it mostly remains in one piece...I will be happy. <3

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