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I like this project idea! It's a good way to keep you motivated and combined a few things together! Can't wait to see the pics you take too! Be kind to yourself on days you can't reach your physical goals, the fact that you're trying is amazing! Much love from the east coast and a much better message coming soon! :) <3

Set your step goal to enough to feel exercised but well before flare-up please D:

Good luck with delving back into mainstream socnets, I probably should too but it's unlikely to happen XD

Thank you! Yeah...the step goal is still being determined and will change over time. Starting out on the lower end makes the most sense. But...I get ambitious. I think we just need the right mixture of motivation to delve back into mainstream and the ability to at least try and search out the good...instead of just focusing on the bad. My wake up call was realizing I cannot market and sell my first coloring book through the steem blockchain alone. Things have also gotten really quiet around here...so any followers that I might be able to bring back this way...will be a win both for me and for steemit.

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I'm still on dA so haven't completely abandoned mainstream socnets XD I'm actually not happy with them over a number of things but am participating minimally there. There's a hell of a lot of benefits to being on Facebook and Youtube and Instagram but I hate the downsides so much I'll go without the benefits. My pride might do me in one day XD

Good luck with the marketing side of things :D

I often don't make it to 5000 steps as well, so I totally understand! Don't hurt yourself, chronic pain is nothing to sneeze at!
I once again love your graphic that you made!
You could join us doing the #seven77 challenge on Twitter if you want - 7 pushups (but it doesn't have to be pushups, some of us have done cat lifts, Nathan brushed his teeth, someone else did a hula hoop, so whatever pain levels allow is fine!) for 77 days, tagged #steem and #actifit as well as #seven77 to get them trending and get more people interested in Steem!
You can find me on Twitter @WrenTweets :)

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At this point...I will be happy just being able to post everyday with 1000 steps.Today was not a good example of daily norm...but errands need doing and all at once is better. The community and motivation aspects appeal to me the most. Glad to see you love my cover...frameless with no texture overlays are sorta weird for me. But those are bad habits that need to be broken when you want graphics to look nice everywhere. I have seen the #seven77 challenge all over Twitter! Been thinking about joining in.

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