Walk with Me Wednesday:: Disappointments. My Bread Frustration and Dying Phone

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First off, I actually thought that I will not be able to make this post tonight. My phone is actually dying... not just the battery which is no longer reliable, but the phone itself.

The "Menu" button seems to be launching on it's own. Just annoying. It keeps on popping out every single time. Then earlier while I was trying to edit a video, the battery drained and it has been on Safe Mode since it restarted. I tried whatever solutions I could find online but to no avail.

While on Safe Mode, third party apps are actually not accessible from the phone. Or so I thought. I have some apps with shortcuts on the homepage and fortunately they open from there.

So here goes my Actifit activity report for today.

10k Steps Completed by 7am

I woke up at 5am as usual, and set my target to 1.5hrs just like yesterday. I made 1 round at the playground again before I jogged off to the Emarat Park area.

I was greeted by this view...

I went around the perimeter of the Emarat Park which was huge. I was halfpoint of my workout when I made a turn going back.

I passed by this football court which was so lush green you will really not think that I am in a desert country. The UAE has done quite a marvelous job in making their country so extra ordinary, I am honored to have lived here for over a decade now.

This court is also just opposite the Catholic Church here, which is sitting just beside a Mosque!

Just wonderful, right?

My Hidden Agenda

Actually, I wanted to pass by a Filipino bakery just near our playground to buy pandesal for my kids' breakfast. Without losing grip of my target of course

So when I reached back at the playground,with 20 minutes left on my target time, I made a couple more rounds at the playground before sidestepping to the bakery.

Just to be disappointed?!

The bakery was closed!!!

So back to the playground I jogged.

I really struggled to keep my focus already. The extra 30 minutes I added to my target time feels quite long, especially that the sun is already so high up.

So why do I have to struggle when I can perhaps have an easier (and costly) solution?! Haha.

Back to Work

It's a working day again tomorrow. Then day off again. I wonder where I'll get the strength to exercise.😕

Hopefully I'll wake up early or have enough more energy for an evening run.

I'll keep you posted! 😉

BTW, here's a screenshot of my phone on safe mode. Any solutions you can recommend?

❤️️ Arlyn


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Wonderful @arrliin. That is a pretty good description about your activity. You seem to be loving our app. Those are some amazing photos to show proof of activity. You seem to be managing your time in most effective manner to meet your targets. Hope everyone manages their time properly like you did and give time for their health and body including me haha.....I kinda give excuses all the time about being busy but people like you give us inspiration.

Keep actifying and keep posting such wonderful content.

@kpreddy( Actifit moderator)

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Thank you @kpreddy! I am trying my best to keep active and actifit sure is a great motivator. 😊

As busy as I am, I most of the time cannot manage to post multiple blogs daily hence I just incorporate them with my actifit report.


That's a great idea to incorporate @actifit with your daily activity posts.....Because you use it all the day and it is part of every activity of your day. You use it in home, grocery, office and even on moon. Hence it is there everywhere.

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Actifit..Rewarding Fitness Activity


Thank you @actifit team! 😊