Use Actifit fitness tracker Apps - Measure Steps that you makes, Earn AFT tokens, Upvote rewards comments and Many more..

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How are you!! Hope your Health is is good.. If not please start exercise today leave laziness and work hard for better Health benefit.

As We all know *Health is wealth We should maintain this for any cost.

Due to heavy tight schedule I'm unable to adjust myself, and counting steps was also boring and not good. So I am felling disappointed.. After getting Actifit Fitness tracker Apps - I am super excited.

This Tiny apps can records all your steps that you made during the day .. It is realy really Cool.
As Every morning at the time of rising from Bed I take Oath that I have to complete 50000 steps one .... I shall definitely breaks the Records

I take challange with my self and Actifit- aaps which I Named Actifit -atho i.e Actifitathon Just Like Marathon is concern


Now without loosing time lets try to find out What Benefit we can Have and how to use it...

If you want to Watch video you can do so using this Link.. ....If you want to Love to read then you are mose welcome..

***Video Tutorial for steep by steep guide how operate Actifit :-----

1.STEP -1 - Download this apps from Google play store for Android only Clik here

After downloading install it .. It will looks like this..


Just one thing will be zero the total activity today..... Yes this option will be zero - after downloading this light weight apps whenever you will do any kind of activity like Walk, run , Jogging everything will be recorded smoothly and silently. when you stop making activity this apps also stop recording and the number will not increase....*

2.STEP - 2 *** The vital step Please follow carefully. If your apps not work during background running.. you have to select and enable it "Enable Aggressive background Tracking on"***

IF you want to change mearment System You can do also enabling Metric or US system

and finally hit save setting button and exit.


3.STEP -3 *** Now the time has come to do some steps - walk , jog, run etc - I called this *** Actifitathon just llike marathon challenge with Actifit apps and Myself***

This part is very vital... while you are doing any kind of activity it records every step in numeric order and count one by one....

Have a look....


After making exercise or any kind of activity you have to post on steemit - If you have steemit account then well and good if not then please make one.. There are lots of Benefits are there .. Aparts from health benefit you can have lots of reward for using this apps..

A. Health benefit recording step and making you upto date and measurement how much steps you are making daily.
In this way you have good chance of good Health ,
and You have make it regular way that was not possible due to measurement

B. You can check track records here.... Which will reset every day midnight and started from there with begining with zero count...


C. IF you have Steemit account then you can post it via this Apps and can accumulate upvote and comments from Actifit community and official from actifit founder member.

You can accumulate some rewards as $$$ from upvote and have some special gift if you are write good content which is selected for top post.

How to post it ...???

Have a look in this Screenshot...


After Filling all these things just press POST to STEEMIT

One special thing you should keep in mind you can post single post in a Day.... and please use actifit as primary tag for this post..

Note- permission will be found under wallet section under subtab of Permission

Now you are done.. Just go through Steemit profile and you can see that your actifit report card for that particular day has been posted successfully...

After few hours back 1 or 2days latter it will be get voted under their awards systems mechanism auto upvote via bot and manual cheeking each and every post.

D.Now the time has come For AFT tokens -- Depends on various steep count category they are divided few section AFT tokes will be gifted for those who qualify at that level..

AFT tokens are most unexpected valuable gift from actifit community they are giving free tokes to their participant who qualify these level, who know these tokes can be next ETH or Bitcoin so it is most craziest thing which don't let you stop exercising until you are get tired.....I am sure...

The level is given bellow please look how many tokens can be awarded for how many step you have to do.... regularly.... for regular rewards...


4.STEP-4 : You can check who is the top five and what their step count...


This all about How to operate Actifit fitness tracker App. IF you have any queries or question please let us know in bellow comments section , and if this post is valuable then Please share resteem comments and upvote it...


Thanks for reading.....
Regards -- @amusdnom

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This was a nice little break down of how the @actifit app works in sync with Steemit @amusdnom. I am making use of the app as well and it's been a really great experience so far.

Just wanted to drop a line to encourage you to keep on being active and shooting for your 50,000 step goal! Wow! That's quite the epic goal! Do you have an equally epic plan for how your going to achieve this as well? Possible examples: Climb a mountain, go on an adventurous hike, run a marathon, etc?

Whatever the case... I completely 100% support this sort of ambition! Let's keep on living active adventurous lifestyles @amusdnom! I'm right there with you! :D

#actifit #beachready


Hey @wil.metcalfe
Thanks man , that you read full story and pointed out which should be done in a proper way..

Actually there was a proverb.. Whose eyes are as simple as he sees
Rest up to you.. we should encourage every one... cheers buddy....

Good going....
Small steps will definitely make a giant leap. Everyone take a start but don't continue with persistence LIKE you. Carry on...


Thanks for your appreciation...
I think naturally big but sustainable.. I am a horse for long run...

When this Type beneficial Apps came into play store I have not got any info If I have it .... I shall do much more better physical activity.. As my Dr. suggested me to take part exercise again...

this could cure back pain Health Disorder that occurs long time sitting and working on the computer...

Anyways problems has been solved... Thank God for this actifit fitness tracker Apps.. I am super excited after having it..


People usually don't tell secret of their success. Having benefited you have shared everyone about this. It's really a commendable task. I appreciate your way of encouragement to the youth.


I tried as of best level.. Sharing knowledge is caring....

Please upvote and place your valuable opinion in the comment box.

I'll give it a try


Sure All are welcome !!!

Superbly done..... Thanks for making such an informative blog..... It will definitely help for each and everyone who wants to increase their earnings....


sure I am trying heart soul but nobody ready to accept it.... bad luck...

but I Still trying from best level....


Don't worry you do your own work. Don't think about others, the day will come when others will realise what they actually missed

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Thanks for share it... personally i would be benefited by this article.


I shall be very Happy if My little work helps to other at least they get benefited from it...