Actifit V0.6.2 is now out with new features and enhancement.. Time to get the best experience of Actifit Application

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Welcome once again to my Blog


Introduction Actifit V0.6.2
New version.jpg

What is Actifit?

Actifit is an android application that tracks and rewards users fitness activities. Actifit track and rewards the users with Actifit (AFIT) tokens and also Steem via upvotes of Steem posts.
Since Actifit is been built on the Steem blockchain, it is been required for all users to have a Steemit account where it is been login via the Steem connect.
Actifit has been doing great since its invention and really improved the users experience on fitness and at the same time rewarding.
Actifit has earlier release its new official and newest version of the Actifit mobile version and many users are now enjoying a new experience that has come with new features and enhancements.

Let take a quick look at these new features and enhancement through my blog.

New Screen Look (Enhancement)
New Look.jpg

Simplicity and beautification in one best experience user could pray for on their Android applications because they tend not to rigmarole when operating applications because users could easily feel discouraged when they get jam-packed features on their application that could end up becoming useless at the end of the day. Gosh!!
The Actifit application can be described as an application that takes forms of simplicity but the new version has provided the user with another best experience featuring a cooler sight and a lot more information and charts.

Profile Logo (Feature)
Profile Logo.jpg

The profile Logo is one of the new features on the Actifit application. At the top of the Actifit application interface, it shows the image of my Steemit account. When I click on the image, it then takes me to my Actifit profile.

Breakdown of features

- The Image
Image Shown.jpg

The image is my Steemit account display image and since I log in my Actifit application via my Steemit account, when I click this image it will, therefore, take me down to my Actifit information and profiles.

-3/100 (Reputation)

Most users not familiar with the new version will be confused asking the question that what is this 3/100? This is my Actifit reputation just like Steemit.
So presently my reputation on Actifit is 3/100. The more I use the application the more my reputation keeps increasing.

Progress Chart (Enhancement)
Progress bar.jpg

Another enhancement is the progress chart. Taking a good look at this is where activity count is been shown. You can now see it comes with a great look, even someone with a bad eye can sight the count with no difficulty.
Underneath the progress chart is the record of activity counts. Another surprising thing is that the progress bar turns red depending on the number of activity counts. The higher the count the more it turns reddish in Colour.
Note: If the user has gone beyond 10K, progress chart will have been full but users should never mind because the update will still be on despite the full progress chart.

Intra-day and Full activity (Feature)
Intra day and Full.jpg

This is a new feature on the Actifit application, it makes me see updates of my daily activities and full day activities in a graphical way. The more my activities are on, the more the graph interacts and count.


I can also zoom and move graph for a clearer view if I choose to and it is programmed on auto updates whenever I move.

More Aligned Colour Pallet Actifit Button (enhancement)
Colour Pallete.jpg

The buttons are been aligned with a clearer colour pallet, it makes me have a clearer view when I intend to operate the available buttons.

Multi-Lingual Support (Feature)

I have been expecting this for a long time because I believe the Actifit application is not meant only for English speakers, it is meant for the whole world, I once thought the application is not yet perfected all because it is programmed only with English language because there are situations where some users don’t even understand English language not to talk of reading English language and this will, therefore, reduce the user-base of the application.
Seeing other Languages added has been a sign of relief and improvement because other users that do not understand the English Language can have the privilege of changing to the language of choice.
After adding multilingual support, the application now has extra 8 languages apart from the English language which is: Korean, German, Italian, Netherlands, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Yoruba. What a great improvement!!

Intra Day Charts and tracking history (Feature)
Intra day Tracking history.jpg

Using the new version, the application now presents detailed tracking information that allows me to visualize how active I was during the whole day. I can now see the details of my day chart activity every 15mins of the day.

Posting Yesterday Activities

I was amazed by this because most of the time I always wish to count my activities till 8 pm. As at that 8 pm I could get tired that I could eventually fall asleep forgetting to post the activity of the day. If I miss the opportunity to post a day I will no longer be able to post the previous day anymore. In the new version posting, yesterday activities are now integrated and rewards are also been given for it. Now I got no worries!!

Leaderboard (Enhancement)


The leaderboard now has a new look and so it also contains much more information. It now contains the full listing of all activities posts which are pending for the day for a voting round.
As a user, I now have the privilege of clicking on the name of listed leaders to view their profile in order for me to upvote or comment. After doing this I will also earn AFIT token for doing that too at least 3 posts every day.

Notification and announcement (Enhancement)

I now get a notification when I reach the minimum milestone of 5k that makes it more clearly about my progress. Similarly to 10k

Additional Techy, Security, & Anti-Abuse Features

We integrated Actifit with crashlytics and firebase service to better monitor for any crash events. Also, Actifit now has the capability to auto-recover following a crash
We implemented additional security & anti-abuse features, which enable Actifit to be better equipped to enforce abusers to remain out of the system.
Finally, we also included a few bug fixes as part of this release.

You can download the newest versionPlaystore

If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports or anything to discuss, you can find
Discord channel



Thank you for your contribution. Actifit is an amazing project, and it is cool to see people promoting it. As a user of the Actifit project, I am very thrilled with the improvements, especially, the ‘’Yesterday Post’’. It was a big issue; it is nice that the project owner solved it.

I appreciate the information provided, but I would have loved to read more of your personal experiences. Most of the information here was published a few days ago with the project official account. I would advise you to make your future post more unique.

On the presentation side, you did great. The post is well structured. However, the writing had issues. I will address one.

Simplicity and beautification in one best experience user could pray for on their Android applications because they tend not to rigmarole when operating applications because users could easily feel discouraged when they get jam-packed features on their application that could end up becoming useless at the end of the day.

That is one sentence with no comma. It is very hard to read. Try to read without breathing. How easy? That could have been 3 or more sentences, depending on the phrasing.

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