New Actifit App Android Version! New Christmas Special Gadgets On Actifit Market 🎅🎄🦌🎁

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New Actifit App Android Version!

Over the last few days, we have pushed a new Android version of Actifit app.
The last release is now at v0.6.8.3

The release included the below functionality:

  • As many users were reporting problems crossing midnight and getting zero count on their reports, we have setup a minimum activity count of 500, whereby a user's actifit report will not be sent out if the count is less than 500. Keep in mind that you do not get rewarded for activity less than 5,000, so to get rewarded make sure you reach at least 5,000 activity before sending out your actifit report.

  • Fix for issue with image upload: as Android v11 and 12 added constraints on folder access, we had to update our app code so that it functions properly with image uploads using our text editor image upload. Users reported that the issue has been successfully fixed with this update.

  • Fix for Fitbit sync issue: We have noticed under specific cases the Fitbit sync is causing a crash due to outdated sync token. We fixed this issue so as the user gets notified to retry the sync and grab a new token.

  • Remove 100 rank limit: Prior to our last update, the core value of a user's rank was at 100. With our latest changes to the user rank algorithm, the user can get beyond a value of 100, hence we removed this constraint off the app.

  • Add new activity type: Per user requests, we added a new type of activity called "Plogging". If you want to add other activity types, or other features, you can suggest them under actifit discord.

New Christmas Special Gadgets On Actifit Market 🎅🎄🦌🎁

Tis the season for more gadgets (yes christmasy ones!)
We have added to the market 4 new Special Christmas gadgets.


THe gadgets increase your AFIT earnings, user rank, and/or SPORTS rewards.
Grab them while they're hot, or cold,... oh you know what we mean
Happy holidays yall!

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