Actifit Airdrop Notification & Wallet Balance Display

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Hey Actifitters!

Today we have sent out notifications to all the participants in our airdrop, the ones who were eligible at the time of the snapshot to actually receive the airdrop.

If you have your actifit app notifications on, you probably have receive the notification on your phone.
If not, then you can find your notification on your interface under notifications.
The notification shows something along the below


If you missed both (unlikely may we say!), then you can head over to your wallet, which will show you the actual balance and airdrop amount. If you were not eligible, a relevant message will show.

Rewarded User

Unrewarded User


As highlighted before and in the messages, the actual AFIT tokens on BSC will be auto-sent out as Actifit token sale concludes (3 days to go!) and Actifit DeFi is about to launch, so expect this in the coming few weeks.

More details about the airdrop can be found in our latest announcement about the snapshot here

Congrats again to all participants !!


Hello @actifit, how can i joining this community ?
Please give me a guidance.

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