🥳✨🎉✨5.04 BNB Were Just Sent To Our Actifit Token Sale Winners! 🥳✨🎉✨

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In celebration of the conclusion of the token sale, and in alignment with our top promised rewards (top 5 investor winners and 5 random investor winners), today we did a review of all the early bird and public token sale participant transactions, and we have picked our winners as follows:

  • 5 Top Investors share 5% of the total funds invested in Actifit Token Sale. Rewards would be at 40%, 25%, 15%, 10% and 10% respectively.
  • 5 Random Investors will share 5% of the total funds invested in Actifit Token Sale. Winners will each receive 20% of the total prize.

The total amount in BNB invested was 50.437 BNB, hence the reward for each category was around 2.52 BNB, for a total of 5.04 BNB

The top winner among both categories got 1.008 BNB. The least winner got 0.252 BNB

We have gone ahead and already distributed the rewards to all addresses. So you can check your wallet to see if you were eligible or lucky enough!!

Below are the lists of two winner categories. Congrats again!!

Top 5 Winners


Random 5 Winners


Stay tuned this week for more news about Actifit DeFi participants, winners, airdrop, and much more to come...

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