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The Story of Indonesia Medical Clinic Place Thousands of Palestinian Patients -------- A large-sized clinic in Jabalia City, Gaza is transformed by ACT into a free medical care clinic for thousands of Gazans every day. Thousands of patients who come the majority are Gaza children with complaints of respiratory and malnutrition, pregnant women and the elderly who need regular checkups, as well as dozens of wounded Palestinian youth post-incursion with Israeli soldiers. And the majority of these patients are poor Gaza residents who have long been unable to come to the hospital. Indeed, with the economic conditions that continue to weaken and the blockade that occurs, making drugs more difficult, if any price will be very expensive. Although ACT clinics are always open with patients, but lack of medical staff and lack of medication, it still complicates things. Free medical aid in Gaza, which is a collaboration with dozens of ACT medical volunteer partners, will not stop here, in order to fulfill the mandate of the people of Indonesia. Share and aids donations by click -> 1. Select payment method via Mandiri / BCA / BNI / BNI Syariah / BRI & Credit card 2. Get a progress report via email Or Donate Jump to account: BNI Syariah 66 0000 4001 a.n. Aksi Cepat Tanggap #LetsACTIndonesia #LetsSavePalestine #KlinikMedisIndonesia

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