Yamaha APX500III Acoustic Guitar Review

in acoustic •  5 months ago

 The APX500III acoustic-electric guitar happens to be among the long and powerful list of authentic instruments of the popular Yamaha brand. It comes with all the touch of innovation and excellence which the company is ever ready to deliver on their products, and it is a perfect musical equipment at the price it costs. 

There is always quality where ever Yamaha leaves their name, and their improvements with manufacturing methods are evident. The Yamaha APX500III Guitar happens to be another chance for the company to make a statement. Here are the details of the specifications on this acoustic-electric guitar; 


The high quality materials employed to put this beautiful guitar together includes the solid Spruce top, and Nato or Agathis back and sides. The thin neck is made of Nato or Mahogany wood; and the neck joins with the body at a dovetail joint.  The fingerboard, bridge and fretboard are made from Rosewood. The tuners are of die-cast chrome materials and some other parts made from urea includes the nuts and saddle. 


APX500III is designed to have an APX thin line body for players comfort; it is full-sized dreadnought body design with venetian style cutaway. This guitar has 22 frets where 6 strings run across from the headstock to the bridge.  It has the APX sound hole for thick response, with its non-scalloped X-type bracing for its body structure. The glossy finishing comes in many colour options which includes Dusk Sun Red, Vintage Sunburst, black, Oriental Blue Burst, and natural finish.  


The electronics is Yamaha’s System-66, with under-saddle piezo pickup which has simple controls. It has the 3-band EQ and inbuilt digital chrome tuner that comes in helpful for learners; this system is powered using AA sized batteries. 


The APX500III projects full natural tones that are deep with bass and clear. The body provides more resonance through its oval sound hole that allows for balance in the tone; the sound output is bright with tight notes for the low, and balanced high notes. The player will definitely get a sharp and neat sound with dynamic response, and the strumming action gives hollow and thin sounds as well. The plugged-in sound quality is outstanding and it provides a wide range for tones through the amp and controls. 


This equipment is very responsive and provides comfort for easier action; the cutaway design allows users to reach the upper frets, and enjoy playing in different positions. Go ahead and enjoy finger picking, strumming or any playing style that suits you, and the genre of music you choose will fit rightly. The Yamaha APX500III is not the typical beginner’s instrument, but this electro-acoustic guitar is a perfect option for a beginner who wants to learn at great speed to intermediate and professional levels. This model is quite popular for its versatile responses and sweet fit into any environment whether it is the stage, garage, room or any performing space. Professionals enjoy this piece of quality and the innovation it brings to the world of acoustic guitars. 

APX500III will attract attention with its beautiful design wherever you go with it; so, confidence is something you will always have while playing.  



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