Fender FA-100 Guitar Review

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The acoustic guitar world has seen decades of Fender influence on music sound production. The brand has so many guitar products both for professionals and beginners alike; and the Fender FA-100 is known to be the most affordable of their acoustic guitar products.

The quality of this guitar should not be judged through the amount you paid to purchase it, because the value packed in the FA-100 is capable of competing in the large acoustic guitar market. It actually shows up on many different review sites very often as the best affordable acoustic guitar to own under $300.

Here, we will digest the information about the quality you will get when you purchase the FA-100 in the following scope; materials and body design, sound, and handling comfort.

Materials and Design

The Fender FA-100 Guitar is designed to have a Laminated Spruce top; and has its back and sides made of Laminated Basswood. The bridge which is the material where the saddle sits is made of Rosewood, while the saddle is a compensated synthetic bone material.

The nut which is the thin material between the headstock and the neck, is designed using synthetic bone material. The neck of the FA-100 is a C-shaped maple with a fretboard made using laminated hardwood.

For the design, this acoustic guitar is a dreadnought with black pickguard and rosettes around the sound hole. It has 20 frets, and the neck is joined to the body at the 14th fret; the neck has a truss rod that is allows it to be adjustable. The headstock holds tuners electro-plated with chrome. The entire finishing is glossy and appears very attractive.


The tone and sound quality of every musical equipment is effected and affected by the materials used in manufacturing them. FA-100 produces a mildly lacking tone because of the top, back and sides which are made of laminate wood.

The Duratone strings made by Fender together with the tuners, help the instrument to project neat sounds. The saddle material refines the tones to be pleasant and clear, while the guitar delivers slightly poor sounds, which the other equipment try so hard to make up for 

Playing the Fender FA-100

Operating the Fender FA-100, the user would already feel comfortable as the build is structured to encourage uniformity in activities; and it is very similar to many other guitars in the market. You will also observe that pressuring the strings during play does not put up any struggle and the tones show flexibility for convenience.

You can feel confident as a beginner or intermediate player to string the audio to help you achieve different playing styles. You can play all genres of music whether it is jazz, blues or rock music. This dreadnought provided the cheapest and most accepted value for money.

There are so many positive feedback which current owners of the FA-100 contribute, and you may also find more while you use one and discover more valued instrument to compare with. So, do not misunderstand the feeling that comes when you use the Fender and want to improve the concept of the equipment. You have to appreciate the available quality of the FA-100 for beginners and at the current price.

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