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RE: Paying it Forward--How Fellow Steemians Help Each Other

I'm new here, so, I haven't gotten to know too many people yet. I recognized right off that helping each other would make a difference.


Well if you decide to join the contest we'd love to have you. It's a great way to find some new people to follow...actually part of the contest is to find someone you haven't previously followed. Idea is to go out and curate some new content too.

As I mentioned in the post, though I have diverse interests, there's only certain types I like to follow. Most of my time online is either spent on my writing or my animal/pet groups. My husband & I want to seriously get into rescue, so, that's an important focus for me. I also stay in contact on FB with those near me that I've already met or will be. A lot of them also involved with animals. That's one kind of blogger I look for.


This is Cody, we took him in when my Grandparents went into the nursing home. Our previous dogs came from the shelter. My kids are really big time animal lovers and they talk about wanting to own a farm when they get older so they can have all sorts of

Thank you for taking him. I volunteer with the kitties at the local shelter & there & in other places, it's common, when someone enters assisted living or passes, that the family doesn't want to take the pet. So they wind up at the shelter. I was there yesterday & there is a new kitty. She's a tuxie manx & is 13. Her person died & no one would take her. One reason I have my rescue/rehome group, to try to keep them out of the shelter. Adult/senior are ones who wait a long time to be adopted.

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