Traverse of the Aceh history trail

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The grand event of the PKA-7 Aceh Cultural Week has ended, headed from 5-15 August 2018. The four-yearly event held by the Aceh government in August in Banda Aceh has left indications of corruption, but I don't want to discuss about that crime.

Apart from indications of crimes that have nothing to do with me, I along with fellow history and cultural activists have participated and tried to succeed the PKA-7 Aceh Cultural Week event through several historical and cultural NGOs. We have presented science as best we can to society during the PKA-7 event takes place of a series of activities at the Aceh History Expo.

@steemwart, the leader of the @mapesa NGO

@abelpasai, the leader of the @cisah NGO

Right side, the leader of the @pedir-museum

I was directly involved in 3 NGOs concerned with Aceh's history and culture @mapesa, @cisah, and @pedir-museum and the teams involved in these 3 NGOs were all steemians. I and colleagues have participated in the Aceh PKA-7 cultural event by displaying the results of our fieldwork so far to the public through the exhibition booth at the Education Building, Aceh's Museum. I taken pics of the activities in our 3 exhibition booths when I was there, these photos were first posted on the Facebook group @mapesa a few days ago.

@rajadata (left side) is explaining to visitors

@dandelion18 (middle) is explaining about the city of Sumatra to visitors from Europe.

@ejhaasteem (Second from left) was chatting with visitors

On that occasion, @mapesa also published a small book entitled "Traverse of the Aceh history trail", size A5, 112 Pages, Full Color. In this book, we present of important figures who have filled Aceh's history.

The period of the city of Sumatra (Pasai kingdom, the center of the kingdom is North Aceh now) starting from the 13th century and afterwards, the Lamuri kingdom period (the center of the archaeological remains in Lamreh, Aceh Besar) the 14th century and afterwards, the next period of the 15-20th century began with the embryo The kingdom of Aceh Darussalam until transformed into the ruler of the Malacca Strait which always voltage with the Portuguese (the center of the kingdom was in the Banda Aceh now).


The Bandar Sumatra logo is designed by @k-syusteem, @vannour designed the logo of Bandar Lamuri and Bandar Aceh Darussalam. The three logos are adopted from the elements of their respective regional cultures.

Evidence of the existence of these figures is presented through the study of epigraphy by @keuudeip (not real name), A specialist in Islamic sigillography, numismatics and Arabic epigraphy in Southeast Asia. This book is the first book to describe some of the names of characters according to epigraphy. This book is intended to balance and supplement the bibliography for historians, writers and academics who have been inclined to quote from sources of legend related to Aceh's history.


Published without a target financial gain, the mission is only to disseminate information on something that is not yet known to the public. Editor by @steemwart (not real name), I'm @vannour (not real name) as a graphic design and book layouts also help to photograph some objects.


I'm at the @cisah exhibition booth



@johnrenald at the @mapesa exhibition booth


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@saiful83 at the Sayeed Art exhibition booth


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@abelpasai at the Jogja exhibition booth


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