Meugang Day, A Special Tradition Welcoming Ramadhan in Aceh

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The Acehnese peoples bought some meat in traditional markets during the “Meugang” day. This famous tradition were ahead celebrate for welcoming “ramadhan kareem” at Banda Aceh city, Indonesia. The unique tradition has been going on for hundreds of year since the Aceh empire of Sultan Iskandar Muda on 1607 to 1636.


Based on the true story, the Meugang was a identical simbolized of togetherness where people gather and chase beef and buffalo together with their relatives. The term "meugang" is derived from the word "makmu that gan nyan" which means "the prosperous market".

At that time, the Sultan of Aceh ordered his expert staff, Qadi Mu'azzam Khazanah to collect dirhams, fabrics, buffalo, cows to slaughtered on the day of Meugang. Then, the slaughtered meat will be distributed to the poor, orphans through the keuchik (village head). The policy is embodied in the Qanun Al Asyi Meukuta Alam.


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