so terrible, 10 tool torture most sadistic in the world

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good night steemit friends all all you know how corporal punishment in ancient times? of course know .. in the past many physical punishments were imposed for violators of the rules. This punishment uses a very sadistic torture tool.

This torture device not only hurt it, but it can cost lives. To make matters worse, the torture is slowly indirectly killing.

Here Hitekno team collects 10 most sadistic torture devices in the world in history.

1. The Saw
The Saw All/That Is Interesting

Used the times of the Roman and Spanish Empires. The victim was hung upside down and sawed from top to bottom.

2. Head Crusher
Head Crusher/The Telegraph

Used in ancient Spanish times to interrogate. The victim's head is on tap with a cap-like tool.

3. The Rack
The Rack/HowStuffWorks

The victim tied her hands and feet to the board and then pulled slowly. The scare, this tool can separate the upper and lower body.

4. Rat Torture
Rat Torture/allthatsinteresting

A box containing a large mouse was placed on top of the victim's body and then heated. Rats will find a way out by gnawing at the victim's body.

5. Cat's Paw atau Spanish Tickler
Cat Paws/AwesomeStories

This tool can be used to tear the meat of the victim to the bone.

6. Scavenger's Daughter
Scavenger's Daughter/Grand Inquisitor - Bandcamp
Invented Sir William Skevington during the reign of Henry VIII. This tool can press the body to force blood out of the nose and ears.

**7. Judas Cradle
Judas Cradle/medievality

The victim is seated on the triangle pyramid, then his legs are weighed. Used in Italy, France, and Germany.

8. Choker Pear
Choker Pear/Stuff to Blow Your Mind

This tool can be inserted into the mouth, vagina, or anus. After entering and then rotated to destroy body parts.

9. Crocodile Shears
Crocodile Shears/aminoapps

Performed at the end of medieval Europe for those who tried to kill the King. This crocodile-shaped head knife contains the heated spikes.

10. Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull/All That Is Interesting

The victim was inserted in a bronze bull statue and then baked. Uniquely, this torture tool can change the shouts of the victim's pain sounds like a bull's roar.

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