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I have always been a fan of the franchise, from one long weeks in 2012 that I read the trilogy, I loved it and when I heard there would be a movie to depict my best novel thus far, I was absolutely thrilled…. Dancing
I can’t remember when exactly I found out but I know I followed up with the cast, I wanted Damion Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) of Vampires Dairies to be my Christian Grey – Damion had the bad boy thing working for him already or Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles ) of super natural, I watched as they changed casts until they stuck with the Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) that we know.
Honestly I enjoyed the first part more than the second part. I thought ohhhhhh the final part of this franchise just has to be bomb …. You know cause, the first was real good and really played out the novel, But the second and third parts feel like they were too…. Hmmmm thinking Rushed is the word I was looking for…

So Saturday I was cinema ready, checked movie times but all was late night shows, texted my buddy – Trevon,
‘Hey buddy we should see this movie’ we agreed 8pm .. now I went over to get Trevon by 7pm early right, this buddy of mine decided one round of FIFA was just what he needed before we left for our movie, Being the nice and sane friend I was trying to portray, I did not object.

30mins later and we were rushing out trying to drive all the way from VGC to Lekki Phase 1 so we could get to IMAX cinemas on time.
‘I feel bad’ Trevon said,
‘It’s Fine’ was my response
We got lost and turned around cause Trevon did not know the way to Film house Cinemas, 8:15pm and we had just secured a parking spot, dashed into the cinemas and 50 Shades Freed was sold out … :(
hiss hiss hiss
‘I feel bad, it’s my fault that we are late’ I heard him say again
I decided well we should go get Suya (beef jerky) as the movie was not happening today.
Still in Lekki 1 we went to the best Suya spot and made the order, while waiting I decided to get a drink…. So I got a Long Island Ice tea and started laughing all night, not that Trevon was funny or a comedian…. The Long Island released a giggly and happy feeling, got the Suya and decided to have another long Island…   . Movie not withstanding I had fun.
At the end of the Night Trevon dropped I home and I went to sleep.

You can check out the Movie trailer

Source: Youtube

Fast forward to Monday morning, I saw him at work. Did I tell you we work together, so in making up for me missing my movie on Saturday we agreed to watch the movie after work, the movie start time was 4:50pm and I work In VI.
Close of work,
5pm and rush rush rush
We got to the cinema 15mins in to the movie.. I liked it but I still think…. It was overly hyped and the Novels are more entertaining than the movies I probably had more fun as I missed the movie on Saturday because those Long Islands got me real excited. :)

E.L. James is the Author of the 50 shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 shades Freed novels.

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