Learn to overcome anxiety by believing in God

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The cause of anxiety

Restlessness is something that is not peaceful,
The anxiety was worried.
Restlessness causes unease.
The anxiety has made our souls impatient in waiting
Restless when waiting for hope
Restless when waiting for someone who doesn't come.

The anxiety causes uncertain mental pressure.

As a result of restless hearts

The problems that arise in our lives have caused anxiety.
The anxiety is not just coming from within us.
Many are anxious because of external factors that have disturbed the peace of our souls.

Many problems that arise do not make us escape reality.
Dealing with problems that arise to find and find a solution will make the problem resolved properly and correctly.
Thus our soul becomes stronger than before.
Face a problem!
Face your anxiety!
Don't be afraid to lose!


Faith in God is reduced

The main reason for making the heart restless is the reduced belief in God, namely Allah SWT.
That is, our worship is reduced.
Our practice of God is little.
We increase the amount of action we do.

Having a rotten soul is also a big sin.
Anxiety comes to people who are weak in faith and are less confident in God.

Forgetting dhikr to God causes us to be easily agitated and quickly fall apart in the peace of mind.
God is the Supreme Giver of Help in relieving the anxiety that is in the heart.
Then pray to God!
Ask for protection from God!
Ask for help from God!


Restless is a test

Humans have weaknesses
Humans are given anxiety by God to test them into servants who are given mercy.
With anxieties, humans are continually tested and can overcome their weak nature.

Anxiously, humans are better than other creatures.
Anxiously, humans become stronger and nobler than angels.

We have to keep going to God without stopping.
Never give up on the mercy of the Almighty God.
Ask for protection from God.

Bees don't have anxiety. They live boldly and freely in rules and ties.

All their challenges are resolved well


Emotions and behavior

The disorder has a negative impact on the physical and emotional. Then it will affect someone's behavior.
A person who is agitated continuously without being solved will reach an agitated level that exceeds the threshold so that the person falls ill and dies.

Then the anxiety beyond control was frightening from the sharp sword.

People who have extraordinary anxiety become desperate for God's Grace.

So believing and always obeying God's rules passed down through the Prophets is a good and effective solution for humans.

You must know that God will pity us. Remember that all these are just trials and tests to be better

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