Caterpillar teaches us patience and faces life's difficulties

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The existence of a Green Caterpillar

Green caterpillar is one type of animal that is considered as a plant pest for farmers. This may be assessed because of its existence which often disturbs farmers.

Green caterpillars become pests for farmers' crops by eating leaves from plants, which can damage and inhibit the growth and development of plants. Caterpillars eat green leaves thoroughly.

The spread of caterpillars is mostly in tropical regions, especially areas that have many green leafy trees. Citrus leaves are the favorite food for caterpillars, both lime leaves, squeezed lemon, lemon, and other types of oranges.


How to be happy

Happiness is a feeling that arises from the heart and soul, then that feeling makes the day feeling satisfied.

To get happiness does not need to spend a lot of money and sacrifice a lot of property.
Happiness is not necessary for luxury. But the luxury is as media and happiness supporters. But luxury doesn't make us happy.

Happiness can be obtained uselessly from small observations on the environment.
The happiness given by God is useless, God is just and gives happiness to those who are pitied and loved.

God is dear to those who obey the commands that are passed down through the mediator of a Prophet who gives warnings and good news to humans.

Caterpillar teaches us to be patient.
Caterpillars are patient because they are the slowest animals.
then become a butterfly into a fast animal and is able to provide many virtues to plants and humans.


Caterpillars that spread virtue

Caterpillars eat and remove their stool continuously.

A caterpillar that is eating leaves and caterpillar anus pit the fallen droppings under the tree.

Then caterpillar droppings that fall under the tree contain nitrogenous material and produce good energy for the earth's ozone.
Caterpillars are very useful as a supply of plant nutrients.

So the caterpillar actually has made transactions and bartered with plants. Plants give their leaves to caterpillars and caterpillars provide food for plants. So the natural principle has been worked out.


What happens next?

The caterpillar feeds continuously without stopping and collecting energy for the next stage.

Then the caterpillar stops eating activities, and "meditates" in the form of a cocoon.

At this stage, the most important stage. And in the pupa body, there is a tremendous and important chemical process.

Patience is more important in this process and the caterpillar continues to be patient with tremendous chemical pressure. All the challenges and tribulations faced to make it beautiful and beautiful are extraordinary.

Caterpillars harm plants by eating leavesBeneficial humans when caterpillars eat weed plants
Eat important plants for farmersTofu is produced with a lot of benefits for plants and farmers


The generosity of the faithful person

One example:

Generosity to guests

In Islam, believers are required to be generous to guests, serve guests, provide food to guests, and provide a place to stay if needed.

Even in Islam, it is permissible to take zakat because of debts in serving guests who come to their homes. That is, someone arrives at a guest and has no money, then he looks for debt to buy food to entertain his guests who come to his house. Then the person is allowed to take zakat rights to the government or zakat management body.

So in Islam, generosity is demanded to be applied in personal life, in neighboring lives, and in the life of the state.

Respecting neighbors is a behavior that is ordered and must be done by believers.
Then generosity is highly demanded to get a reward from God Almighty and all-merciful.


Don't berate the requester

People who ask for help, in Islam are not allowed to chide and rebuke him. Try to be polite with them and never give words that can hurt them. It's best to be generous to them.


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