BREAKING NEWS: Boat Fishermen of Aceh caught fire at sea

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Boat On Fire

BANDA ACEH-a fishing boat named KM Warriors Mina Bahari 06 burn in the Eastern Sea, 140 Miles from Aceh Kuala (29/4/2017) last Saturday afternoon.
The entire crew of the boat that add up to 16 people reportedly survived the aid boat fishing for tuna in the waters crossing it.
It presented the Chairman of the Union of Boat Fishing Tuna Gampong Java (Patnagajwa), Musrifun to last night.
Based on the information acquired from a member at the site, the boat caught fire due to the explosion of a gas cylinder.
"Thank God the entire CREW on BOARD survived. Incidentally when Genesis, there are boat fishing for tuna that cross so that it can soon be rescued, "said Musrifun.
He said that information, she gained through the handy talky (HT) owned the whole of compulsory Patnagajwa members of the boat.
He added, the information has been forwarded to the Navy in Sabang, police water and Air (Padang), Harbour, as well as Commander laot.
"We also infokan that the victims are running out of food, so it took supplies immediately," he explained.
Just FYI, KM Warriors Mina Bahari 06 departed from Banda Aceh on April 24, 2017. The fish boat carrying 16 CREW on BOARD for sailing looking for fish.
This news was revealed, to the victims of the fire boat were picked up by authorities to repatriate to Banda Aceh. (*)

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