7 Undervalued Hunts Curated By @calprut 10 September 2018

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Today, there are about 7 hunts that I can provide a little support for at least to enter the TOP 100. Yes, some of these products are really useful and I like that.

Ok, just go ahead, let's look at the following review:

1. Best Coffee Guide

Official Link

Yes, we can be sure for coffee lovers need to use this application. This application can help find the best coffee places (cafes, restaurants, stalls, etc.).

So, this application in my opinion is quite useful especially for me as a coffee lover.

2. 8Fit

Official Link

When you don't have time to exercise at the Gym, the only way is to regulate a healthy diet. Well, the 8fit application can help you to do it easily.

3. HR-OS1 Humanoid Robot

Official Link

(Unsupported https://sketchfab.com/models/fac45191aa104ee9a56629e248aee55a/embed)

HR-OS1 Humanoid Robot Kit - Orion v1.0 by Interbotix Labs on Sketchfab

This is an open-source robot that you might try to make and modify as you like. The blueprint of this product can be found on the official website.

4. EnChroma Glasses

Official Link

These are glasses that can help people who are color blind, to be able to re-distinguish what colors they are seeing. So, in my opinion this product will be very useful in helping PWD.

5. Chronos

Official Link

This product is the best wearable product that I can see in Steemhunt today.

Its function is to make any watch smarter. You can find out your health statistics, fitness, and even know notifications if there are messages or e-mails coming in.

6. Hey Ady

Official Link

This application is a pretty unique application that is devoted to drivers so they can still communicate with other drivers. So, this can be used as a help shortcut such as asking about current traffic conditions, road guides, etc.

7. Aduro Led Face Mask

Official Link

This is Led Face Mask which is quite unique because we can take care of the face from home. No more need to come to a specialist face doctor, because we can do it at home.



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