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Steem accounts for sale

in account •  5 months ago

Who wants to buy one of the following Steem accounts for 2 Steem?


It's a long shot, but who knows... Eventually someone might be interested. These are virgin accounts that haven't posted, commented or even voted for anything.

Why did I create accounts with these weird names? Well, I was registering accounts with news-related names, and there was a weird bug in Steemconnect, which caused two letters to be truncated. The accounts I wanted to create were @nieuws, @london-weather and @newforyou.

The bug has been fixed and I did manage to register the accounts I wanted. At the moment, I'm only using them as voting bots, but I will start working on my news project after the summer.


At the moment, there's still some small change left in these accounts because they haven't finished powering down. You can check my wallet and see that they just paid me back some of the Steem I used to create them. If that's not proof enough, I can login again and leave a comment here.

If you're interested, you can contact me as follows:

And here's the SteemWhale again, just for fun.

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Interesting. I never thought to have more than one account?


I made a number of accounts for future projects, focused on specific themes. Some of those will eventually be shared with other people, I hope. Creating new accounts using Steemconnect doesn't really cost anything, as long as you use the Steem Power you put into the new accounts.


Excellent idea. My mind just never went through that sort of thought process. Thanks for passing it my way!

I think users who did not gett approval from Steemit...would be more interested in buying them. You can find them in comment box of YouTube videos that are related to New Steemit Account.


Interesting. I see several Hindi and Bangla videos with many comments there.

The easiest way to buy an account would be through @anonsteem, so they can choose a name. And they could use @openaccount to test how Steem blogging works before getting an account.


As a new user, I didn't know about @anonsteem, @openaccount services. So, thanks very much for the info.