Am I expecting any packages today? This could be a problem!

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So this is a local street this morning. All of the rubbish on the street there? Undelivered mail!

This is a "developing story" for the local News Channel 5, which is the source of the above image. But it looks like a mail truck dumped it's entire load of mail on the streets of Nashville.

Good thing I am not expecting any silver deliveries, and I have not yet shipped out my package for the SSG Raffle winnings, otherwise I might be out there combing the streets looking for my packages!

I was trying to embed the news helicopter video of it, but apparently I don't know how to video, so if you are interested you can check it out on the News Channel 5 Facebook page:

Hopefully, this all ends up being circulars, and junk mail, and does not contain anyone's personal letters from long lost relatives or anything. Some of the zoomed video does show a lot of advertisement looking mail, so one can hope. But it is a bit disturbing that there are no Postal Workers even trying to reclaim any of these thousands of pieces of mail strewn all over the place. Some of this stuff could be important!

So if you end up missing any mail, it may be strewn across the streets of Nashville today.

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Nasty ville you live in.

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