Warning: Ben Schwartz is a Scammer who owes me 2600 SBD

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In this post, I'm going to share with you important information regarding a dangerous and manipulative Scammer:

Ben Schwartz aka @getslothyy aka @fatpandadesign aka @unmentionable who has scammed his way to over 10k USD from different steem users - including myself with over 6000 USD

@neoxian has created a post as well. I urge everyone to read it: Scam warning: @fatpandadesign = @getslothyy = Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz has also stolen over 3500 USD from a woman named Mariza Monteiro - who made a video explaining her story:

God only knows how many more people he has scammed who are not known yet.

What happened?

To make a long story shorter:

I got in contact with @getslothyy (Ben Schwartz) a few months back, who seemed like a trustworthy and hard working guy - in addition with his engagement to his group, @gamersunited.

We talked, laughed and slowly he gained some of my trust.

After a while, he told me about his buddy who was trading sucessfully for a year+ and asked me for some SBD to finance his own trading based on his calls.

Everything started somewhat small with a loan of about 100 SBD, where I should get back roughly 120 SBD.

And I actually got it back - so he asked for more and also insured me that in the case of loss while trading - the money would be backed by his own Fiat.

Phase 1: Persuasion

Everything started with 100 SBD and then got step by step higher due to messages as above.

I had an extremely unpleasant feeling when I send him the last 1000 SBD - but I didn't listen to that feelings (shame on me)

Honestly - this is not easy for me to write - since I got manipulated hard. But I've learned my lesson!

Phase 2: Sister got cancer

After a day when I asked how it was going - this happened..

His sister got cancer and he needed to use his FIAT which was supposed to back my investment for her treatment ..

You can probably imagine how nervous I was at that point.

Phase 3: Buddy scammed him - SBD lost

And to top things off - suddenly his buddy, he knew for years and traded with - vanished on him.

So - at this point the facts were:

1.) Sister got cancer - lost a trade due to that and had to use all available Fiat to send his sister for treatment.
2.) Slothyy traded with his buddy on his buddy account and his buddy then somehow scammed him.

I didn't believe it

You know - I might be kind and trustworthy but I'm def. not stupid and those facts above, stank .. of lies.

So I dug deep and researched a bit.

Slothyy said that his buddy had a OKCash Wallet where the funds went.

So I looked at that wallet (https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ok/address.dws?PL9Pp258dsoYV68zYGKjvyvkSxC5koVmJH.htm) and something was strange..

I send him another another 100 SBD at that point a day ago - because I still cared for his well being and he lied to me about having no food and no money to push his posts with. Now - the strange thing was the following:

Right after slothyy send the 100 SBD to Bitrex - a very similar amount converted to OkCash was suddenly on the OkCash Wallet.

After a day thinking - this was enough proof for me, that the wallet didn't belong to his buddy - but to slothyy!

So I confronted him ..

Gambled the money away

And it turns out that he gambled the money away with a discord bot called @OkBets - the OkCash Wallet was that of the bot.

So at that point I was pretty upset.

For once that I lost a huge amount of money - a lot more than I ever cashed out from Steem (I'm still hodling strong) but even worse was the fact that my humanity got played.

I didn't lend him money for the sake of myself earning more money (it was a nice sideeffect tho'), but because I wanted to help him earn a bit of money with which he could boost his community ... and the only thing I got were lies over lies.

And then?

After I confronted him and told @neoxian and @reggaemuffin about it - who were both scammed as well; slothyys owner key was then changed by @neoxian as he made a loan contract with him and as colateral slothyy gave his owner key.

After talking with slothyy, neoxian made a deal with slothyy that he could keep posting so he could pay us back in the future.

Now - this also worked for about a day or two, but then his posts stopped and quickly afterwards - he tried to regain access to his account by using the account recovery function through @anonsteem.

Luckily, I already contacted @anonsteem and told about the fact that @getslothyy scammed people and shouldn't regain access.


I initially wrote this post few weeks ago, but didn't release it as we had a Meditation about getslothyy with a few high-ranking Steemians.

The outcome of the Meditation was that Ben Schwartz (getslothyy) would pay Neoxian, Reggeamuffin and me 10$ back every week until amounts were all paid up.

But as you might have guessed already:

He rather scams more money from other people and sends it to bittrex instead of paying back people he owns a lot of money.

And honestly:

I don't believe that he gambled all the money away.

At this point, everything he says has to be treated as lies.

Goals for this Post

The most important goal with this post is to bring awareness to Ben Schwartz so others aren't making the mistake of trusting him.

Ben Schwartz is an manipluative liar who can not (under any circumstances) be trusted!

But this post is also a way to help scammed users.

So far - the scammed users are as follow:

Chance is high that there are more Steemians (or even outside users) that got scammed.

In that case: please comment under this post and we will try to help you to regain some (or hopefully all) of your lost funds.

Additionally, I will contact Mariza Monteiro to confirm that she actually got scammed (and that this is not just a stunt) and if everything is as she says it is - help her to recover some of her 3500 USD (4.5 Ethereum).

You can help!

To help us with these goals, please upvote and resteem the post.

The Author-Rewards are getting used to cover the losses.

Thank you!

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I was duped into thinking I was a friend and I even invited Ben to stay with me in the UK, luckily he was detained at passport control and sent back to Portugal (just after SteemFest last year). Even visited him in the immigration detention centre.

He eventually got back to the US, cos his mom felt sorry for him and got him a ticket home in time for Thanksgiving. Now in Mexico eh?

So yeah, I was well and truly suckered in too. Fell for his sob stories though and came up with my own solutions, he didn't ask me as I wanted to help get back on his feet so bad and had the means to help.

One of those was to get him a cellphone on credit, as I have a buy now, pay in 12 months and I trusted him enough to 'know' that he would pay it back within the year.


His phone was 'stolen' when he had one of his seizures so he couldn't move forward with Pandacoin or his website business, as everything on his laptop that he needed to access was 2FA enabled, for which he needed a phone. So he could not earn anything to get him out of Portugal or get home to US. He was living in a hostel and he hated it.

We had written on discord most days from about Sept through to November and I considered him a friend. Even defended him to @neoxian when he first didn't make payment of his loan back.

Funny not heard from him in about 6 months now.


It is insane the lengths some people will go to. Krikey!!! What an absolute schmuck!


Its sad because he could have created something new and earned that money instead.
Steem is the blockchain of opportunity afterall.




omg, i remember him saying that just the other day in palnet re: losing the lappy. lemme see if i can find it.

i have also gone through many losses in the past couple years. but i dont expect to be paid because i had a run of shit luck.

i just have to get back on the horse, so to speak, and try to rebuild from the losses.


Thinking about it, it was his phone he said he lost and he couldn't get onto to his laptop or any of his cryptocurrency accounts to get any money out to pay for anything or his debts, as it was all 2FA enabled. I will edit. The latest post from @getslothyy was about how he lost his laptop.


I remember having several run ins with him in the unmentionable group as I saw early on how he was using the bot to reward himself. It's unfortunate that he was able to silence me and kicked me out of the group before I was able to alert everyone. It is shitty that people like this exist and even shittier that he feels no remorse for duping people.

I hope @therealwolf is able to get his money back but I highly doubt it. I guess it is just a hard lesson learned. I hadn't followed up on Ben after he booted me out of the discord group, just saw that all the higher members left and created a new group because of suspicious activity.

This strikes me personally as I was ostracized and cut out of this group because he was good at manipulating people and playing on their emotions, whereas I just called it how it was. Hope this post gets some more visibility and more people come forward.

Shitty situation my friend, sorry to hear


This things seem really strange to me. So some folks are spammers on this platform... So unfair.


I didn't hear the rest of the story up to the point where he was sent back to Portugal. Now he's back in the states. Wonder what he's up to these days. Hopefully something honest. @ironshield


What a sad disappointment. You're a sweet person @hopehuggs.


Omg. I think they need to get him into some kind of treatment if he's like that. He needs a psychiatrist / psychologist or something to help him get rid of the scamming and lying.


Lauren Southern was detained and banned from the UK. I'm trying to say that good people are banned from countries in Europe. We can assume that if a person is detained, they are automatically bad and that may or may not be the case. But Ben is probably bad.


He was detained because he had no return ticket and no money and our stories didn't match when the immigration officer called me from Gatwick. I felt terrible at the time. But I agree, being detained doesn't necessarily mean being bad. I think all the other proof on that speaks for itself here.


But on the other hand, the borders are opened most of the time for people who are not even from those countries in Europe. Tommy Robinson and Faith Goldy and @Stefan.Molyneux and others talk about it in their videos and we can see it each day in so many videos and in the photos and they throw people in jail for talking about the no-go zones.


wow hard storys =s

I wish I lived closer to new mexico. I would break his knee for half what he owes you guys. That would be a nice pay day.


You got a 16.83% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @doomsdaychassis!

Slothyy talked to me too. He was VERY eager when I told him I was going to get payed to work on a book. He ALMOST convinced me to give him the total sbd that would be given to me, 400sbd. But I didn't follow through with him after he failed to return 80sbd to me and other 20 I SO SO mistakenly lent him. He returned them once my emercencies where over. So I didn't much needed the sbd anymore. But he kept pushing me over and OVER again daily, for me to give him the sbd to "double" it on trades. There is probably more people. He also wanted me to do all the graphic work for his discord channel and "gamers united" for free.... And actually got VERY pissed off, when I didn't have the time to work on it because I was being hospitalized. :/ ... What a douche.


I'm very sorry for your experience! Does he still owe you SBD?

But the play between acting nice and pissed off - is exactly what he (and every manipulative piece of ..) does.


He does not owe me sbd. He owes me other crypto. I want to talk about this because he's claiming that I am a scammer and that my art does not belong to me. He's an ass. :/ And yes. He manipulated me quite a bit up to the point where I was depressed that I couldn't help him. :/

Benjamin Schwartz also goes by @psychsherpa on discord. He sold me his worthless PANDA coin for 0.46 Eth. I knew at the time I would never see it again, but he built trust and report with me and we did the exchange. Anyone want some Pandacoin? It even has a whitepaper. @ironshield


I dont mind some panda coins.


Do you have a bitshares account? What is your username? @ironshield




I'll take some PANDA coins, lol. I have some other shady coins to match them, like the Trailcoins. Want some of those? Bitshares name: haphazard-hstead


Padapandapanda coin! @ironshield


@ironshield! Will love to have some panda coins too

Bitshares username:- goldenprince10




Hello gprince, i'd be happy to send some PANDA, but I do not have enough BTS to send any! If you can send me a small amount of BTS, I would have enough to send you 100 pandas


Thanks @ironshield, like how many BTS will be okay to send to u so that u can send the PANDA

Thank you for giving me the information and as soon as I will share it and it will be redeemed ... you are the best in this case, fraudsters do not deserve to be between us

thank you senior your information is very important, many steemians do not know about this. I have resteem this post for my followers ... thank you for writing this information ....!

Upvoted and resteemed ..
My vote is just small but like to help you all to recover ,Especially neoxian got many upvotes from him ..


This is so sad to hear... You know, I feel sorry for this guy. I would never be able to live with myself if I ever did something like that. Never.

Lies about his sister and a terrible disease?

  • And for what?

To feed his own disease? - His gambling addiction?

This guy is the worst.

We don't even know what he does with the money... All we know, is that this wanker should get the fuck out of here!


I wouldn't have been too mad if part of the money was lost while trading. Because trading is risky and that's ok. But getting lied to like that .. makes you think!


It's really awful. 2600 USD, is about a month's salary in Sweden (40 hours of work per week). 2600 SBD is almost 2.5 times that, (at the time I'm writing this)... How on earth are you capable of pulling of a scam like that? I mean, normal people have feelings and emotions.

  • This guy has no soul at all.

He probably has a damaged brain or something making him feel no emotion/fear.

Sociopaths have different brains than normal people. If he's a psychopath there might be a be a better way to help him be a normal person maybe.


Trust me - I know how you feel. But that's normal for a good-person that you're not able to understand how one could do such a thing.


They take advantage of people's good nature, I just don't understand how low some people can go, what's wrong with these people!


Brain damage I think.


He also is a 'recovering' heroin addict, I suspect that might be where some of it goes. I love a rags to riches tale, but through honesty not scamming.


We have a different kind expression for a person like that here in SA but, I shall attempt to behave like a lady and keep my mouth shut haha... but yeah, truly sad and he will forever be the biggest loser.


I meet you here, I'm afraid I don't want to talk to you, I will miss you

Coming from Neoxian's post, and just read yours. This dude scares me so much! I don't consider myself to be naive, but he just strikes at people's weakness by building up his rep before striking! It's so scary and I know that I could fall as well if I hadn't read this.

So thanks for the warning, and I'll be taking care to recognise this scamming pattern if I ever see it again, which I'm sure I will in the rising cryptocurrency markets. :(


He is really dangerous in that sense, that he lies constantly and plays the poor-me-guy.


It's the way of the narcissist..spotting them is the key..


go visit him and break his face to pieces

He got me too for 0.7 ETH.

Etherscan here: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x45aa2e83d3c5c26e84e01e7b8e907ee8cee3b95732347b25d4d194c0d1cad8c5

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 20.36.31.png

(SeventhSun is my handle on the Gamers United Discord)

I'm sorry that this all happened to you...My name is Joe. I was friends with Ben. We met in 9th grade. Back in 2017, he came to live with myself, wife and kids. He then ripped me off a couple thousand worth of crypto and then I drove him to the airport. When he got to mexico, he asked me for a little crypto to hold him over, I felt bad and gave it to him as a loan. I never got it back and later found that my crypto accounts were all drained the last 2 months he was here.
He was a very long friend of mine, I helped him when his own father wouldn't talk to him.
All should definitely steer clear of him.

Just at a quick glance, looks like he might be @psychsherpa as well. Considering that account only resteems @unmentionable and sends stuff to the same bittrex.

I'm working with Neox and Crim to salvage what I can of GU. We have some really great people around here, and I refuse to let us just die. I'll help SmartSteem in whatever way I can, and I hope you'll help us rebuild. We will excise the tumor and save the body.


Don't worry about me or Smartsteem - the worst thing is the misused trust. Gamers United is a great community - but you might want to create a new one.


One step ahead of you on that. A rebrand and rebuild is in the works.

Same slothyy as in getslothyy on gamers united and also trying to sell some stuffs via steemgc? and gamers united? image

Feels so unreal


Exactly that one - see the screenshots for proof (I have a lot more by the way)


seriously never would have thought of him been a scammer


I saw that on the Discord, scary D:


yes sure is, I was really surprised when I saw this post


I meet you here, I'm afraid I don't want to talk to you, I will miss you

Scammers suck and people lying about family members having such terrible diseases like cancer just to gamble away money should just go die or something, what a fucking asshole.

I hope my few cents help out a bit in recovering the lost money.

This is really a scam that has hurt many people. he surely will never be happy. may God condemn it.
I share my concern.

Thanks for giving me the information and I will soon be sharing it and it will be redeemed soon. You are the best.
the liar will be in prison by his own lie, the honest man will enjoy the freedom of his life.

Holy shit dudes, sorry you guys got burnt by this garbage person!

Sorry to see this at steemit where trust is the true value of the platofrm itself. Upvoted and resteemed.

Hope it helps and all ends right.

Thank you so much for the info @therealwolf, what a D*CK!

I'm honestly scared that people do this stuff, and don't have any regret!

I've upvoted and resteemed, we have to stick together to fight this bulls*it!

That bitch is a motherfucking idiot. People like him should be locked in a cell and the keys thrown into the ocean. Damn!! I'm so fucking pissed right now. It's people like him that discourages people to help someone in need.


Wow some really bad sh@t going on here. Of course a heroin user or a former one ...well it's hard to Trust in any way, sharp, or form.

But regardless I feel for you guys here.

Ugh, that's so disheartening to hear. I'm sorry this happened to you all. Don't blame yourselves or think that you're naive; people like these are sociopathic and spend their whole lives learning social engineering and how to manipulate other people. Even the smartest, most skeptical people can get caught up.

Damn this asshold manipulated me to buy his shit coin “pandacoin”. Totally a mofo. Am sorry to hear about your losses guys. I hope you get back what is yours. You’ll can track him down though right?

I hope someone finds his home address. And I am sure soon someone finds it.

Sorry this happenned and to be honest I kind of perused the post didn't really wrap my head around the whole story but here's the thing. There's no free lunch, nobody does anything out of the goodness of their own heart.

I guess you have to ask yourself why is this guy going to cut me in on the gains, but not make me accept the risk. You mentioned in the post how in the case of any losses your money was backed by his.

Also if someone is a good trader they should be able to run up their own bankroll and play with that. This sounds like Bitconnect. My response to Bitconnnect throughout the whole saga was hey if you have this trading bot that's so great, use it, make money and roll that into scaling the operation, you really don't need other peoples money.

a very bold fraudster, utilizing your sense of humanity for to dredge the wicked profits, I have also read the post of @neoxian which describing her crime, he had damaged the purpose of #steemit. should #steemit is as a place to look for partnership relations, and also get coins by contributing post with informative, usefull and quality

This is really disheartening to read, I saw the link of your post In #dragon post channel of @neoxian server.

Just now I read neo scam post, we were chatting about it on The Happy man City of Neoxian on discord earlier. Neoxian opened up earlier to all citizens and non citizens of getslothyy scam of over $2000usd and promised us he will write a post about it to expose getslothyy.

Thanks to your detective works for exposing him, he came with another identity to scam @neoxian but it failed.
But after reading your own scam post jeez, I felt like fainting, I see your kindness to show and build a community especially since that game community was on steemit and he using sister has cancer was subtle"

@realwolf I watched monteiro video earlier about Ben Schwartz scamming her of 4 and the half Ethereum on @neoxian post, just imagine he stopped posting on fb for weeks, she even chatted him up but no reply, she even went to his hostel... wow this guy is unimaginable and wicked.

Ben Schwartz to me you have no conscience at all, all that is in that chest of yours is a cabbage of rubbish. Wicked steemian you are!!!

Deadly ripper!!!...

@therealwolf - 2600 SBD
@reggaemuffin - 500 STEEM
@neoxian - 1000 USD
@bestbroplayer (? - Haven't heard anything from him yet)

To the above witness who got scammed my deepest sympathy for this mischief.

Thanks for sharing of the scammer username. Will take note on his technique of scamming.

It beats my imagination how someone will have the mind to scam someone as kind as Neoxian? It's so unfair and not right. I wish something can be done to take down such accounts. This is just too sad. So sorry @neoxian @therealwolf

Thank you for sharing this information. I resteem & upvote. I didn't realise there are serious scammers who prey on people's kindness like this. This guy is evil. I am sorry that you had such an experience and I am really grateful that you share it with us.

@therealwolf Crazy stuff, thanks for the heads up!!

Wow, be careful out there

So awful. It is terrible that people in this world resort to scams/theft to get ahead.

There are so many ways today to make a honest living. Hopefully the future of the internet will be easier to track these shortsighted individuals and get them blacklisted across multiple platforms.

I personally been scammed with localbitcoins and localetheruem. Can not believe even banks allow these people to continue to scam. Ug. I will live and continue to try and earn more. Just need to find better ways to cash out crypto or at least start spending it directly for goods and services.

Thanks @therealwolf for reporting this scammer

Ben came to Malaysia and stayed here for a few weeks. He got in touched with me thru #teammalaysia community members and was asking help for me to get him an employment visa for him to open a bank account in Malaysia. Thank goodness I did not go thru it as who knows what problems he would have brought .

Same problem in here. The amount is not so enormous, but I still miss my money.

At first, he wanted me to send to @gamersunited some of my Steem and SBD that he'll use to buy some enormous upvote from Smartsteem on some awesome post which will promote Gamers United a lot. I said why not, because I wanted to support this community, so I sent to GamersUnited 10 Steem and 10 SBD (it was all I had at that moment). I never supported anyone like that, I just want to help GU grow. Of course he sent it to his bittrex account... I didn't care. I thought, he'll just use it for leverage trading (he was talking a lot) to get more.

But it is almost a month and there is no huge GU post he talked about and I also didn't get my money back...

As I mentioned he talked about some leverage trading and offered me that he'll multiply my crypto. Well, it was strange, so I doubted to use this opportunity, but then I agreed. I had just about 90$ in some minor coins so I said whatever it won't hurt me much if I'll lose it and transferred it to his account and I also didn't get anything back. This was just my stupidity.

Once he tried to contact me, but I was offline, and then he didn't respond to my messages even when I saw him online.

It was the first time I did something like that, and I guess I won't give my money or crypto to anyone I don't know. I was so stupid to think he'll use my SBD and Steem to promote GU community.

I guess even when somebody's family will have cancer including his 0 yo sister/daughter or whatever I'll let these people die by not sending my money to anybody. You can simply not trust anyone on the internet anymore thanks to slothy and other similar assholes.

Crypto I lost:

And if needed I can create screenshots of our conversation on Discord.


You're not the only one who was scammed by him, I was similarly scammed by him and for more money :( When you try to help people and those people take advantage of the confidence that gives them one :(, I think that scammed to many people, I think more than 10 or 20 people :(

I recommend you to upvote your comment so that it is higher in this publication so that it can be seen more easily by others, greetings ..


Another victim... such a sick bastard. Well, I'm sure he would get more from me, but at that time it was all I had available. So I was lucky. But maybe if I had more and he wanted some crazy amount of money I would refuse. I somehow don't understand why some people gave him 6000$. He is a stranger, isn't he? Why give so much money to some online guy I don't know in person?


Looks like we all got the short end of the stick, guys. Let's just try to do better from what he left us with. W have the people and the power, let's create something bigger.

Sorry for your loss @therealwolf I used your services before and you've been more than fair. I even flagged a person the other day who was randomly spamming comments putting you down. Real scammers are terrible for the entire community. Thank you for bringing this to light.

i completely admire you guys are so good-hearted, wanting to help people in need.
But what I don’t get is how you are trusting a complete stranger and handing over so much money.
Even if someone like @davemccoy, @beeyou or @lynncoyle1 -some of the people I trust most here -would ask me for such amounts, it would be a simple no go.
I’ll be the first in line to help people, but this would be many bridges too far.

Maybe I resemble Scrooge McDuck a little too much, but this is just beyond me.

@therealwolf: thanks for having the courage to make this public. I know it’s not easy to admit you were manipulated like that


I'm hurt..... :P ... just kidding...

I hope you would never trust anyone with this kind of money unless you either had some real collateral in your hands or you were a relative (and even in some families you can't even trust them)... Keep that guard up always @simplymike and happy to see a comment or two from you :)


Believe me, I’ve had my share... or better: I don’t anymore - lol
And btw: family is the worst!


good to know... and me too on the family!


I wholeheartedly agree @simplymike, with @davemccoy’s comment too.

I came across the scam through the Bank of Neoxian’s post. It’s just my opinion, but businesses that lend out money with some interest in return, will have some risk. Even the Bank resulted in a loss and he had the acct’s master key but mediation resulted in him returning the acct back to the scammer/owner. He had collateral but the jury was still not in his favor.

As Dave commented, you can’t even trust some family members. I would always do my due diligence and even still, lend out knowing I may never get it back if the sob story is too much.


‘Real world’ banks ask for ID’s, do background checks and even if you pass all their ‘tests’ they give you a hard time lending money. Still, I don’t want to know how much of that money is never paid back to them.
It’s like you say: if you’re in that business, it’s just part of the game.

I’m still learning myself... the hard way. If everyone I knew very well and trusted (hahaha, ‘trusted’ - so naive of me) would pay me back the money I lent them, I might regain a bit of trust in the world ;0)


I allways say the best way to get rid of a friend is to loan them money. You will never see them again. Lol.


Hahaha, I need to remember that one
@doomsdaychassis, you sure know when a girl needs a laugh


At least I am good at something


I bet that’s not the only thing you’re good at ;0)


I must warn you, no matter the intended message, my mind always make everything sound dirty when I read it. lol . sorry.

Steemians need to be very careful with users

What an absolute prick!!! So sorry for your experience @therealwolf. I really hope you manage to recover your losses and I hope that idjit steps on a really large piece of lego and trips on a really small pavement.

Ps. Thanks to @abh12345 for the resteem which is how I spotted this.


Yeah, I hate these people with a passion. It's something as many people as possible should be aware of.

i also got played by someone i truested, but im giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Klingt mir alles sehr nach einer bipolaren Störung, zumindest fühle ich mich an diesen Artikel erinnert:
Vermutlich hat der gute Mann auch gar keinen eigenen Wohnsitz mehr. Eigentlich ist es doch nur traurig, daß keiner ihn auffängt.

@therealwolf Unfortunately he also cheated me. I lent him 80 STEEM and 70 SBD and he did not pay me :( that was more than 1 month ago :(, I have discord captures of how he cheated me and can see the transactions in my purse, I was stupid to believe in someone like this :( ..

This story is so sadding and painful to hear. Sorry for your lost and others that he had dupe, thank for the update so that other won't fall victim of such, you are really awesome witness, I do follow all your words

At least you got to the trending page and I happily upvoted this post!

I can definitely relate to all the Facebook scams. Some girl messaged me from a Facebook group about investing cryptocurrency and wanted work. She said that she wanted money for her kid with Cancer. She sent me a medical bill, pictures of her and her son. She even wanted to video message me.

I stayed up all night putting together GoFund me accounts etc. I didn't send any money thankfully. I'm almost certain it was a scam.

Similar thing happened to a friend that I had done successful trades with on a small scale with. He tried to desperately scam me.

I don't trust many people on the internet, no matter what the story is. One of the easiest ways to gain a person's trust is by giving the other person a gift or service at first.


[-]rhinoboy11 (19) · 14 seconds ago
Upvote and follow me back please my brother. I am trying to rebuild my page damaged by cheetah mistakingly

that's really a good job dear..
all scammer should be cought..
thanks for such a great step..
I like it..
I have @resteemed your post..
please I request to check my blog...
thanks dear @neoxian I am always with you..

I lent some small amounts of sbd, but got it back. Similar arc with increasing amounts on each request.

Sorry about your financial losses. I've thrown my upvite your way.


wonderful reply

I am really sorry that you have to fall into this kind of trap. Your intelligence was played upon and it is unfair on your part. There is no crime in trusting and deciding to help a friend. Now the friend turned out to be a scammer. I am sorry about that and i know how pained you are right now.

The scammer has not only closed doors to himself but to others who might need help later in future which is so unfair.

I hope you get the money back one way or the other cos 2600 sbd is a lot of money.

Take heart bro


follow me back my sister

I know how hard for you to speak up on this as a victim. Wish shit like this never happen to you.


Upvote and follow me back please my brother. I am trying to rebuild my page damaged by cheetah mistakingly


But this is not how you 'build a page'.

This is shocking because I am already planning to do some business with @neoxian, who borrow users sbd on Steemit, these is somehow helpful for the platform users to grow their blog, with the loan and return back in a given time, it's a pity these kind of people could scam they should be sanction somehow, I don't know how that will be done, they don't belong here.

Thanks for the warning! It's actually a bit interesting (from a social studies point of view) to see how this scammer targets wealthy, smart people instead of the regular people you would expect that would be easily scammed by a con man.

Anyway, I hope your warning leads to less people falling victim to his scams!

danke für die Warnung :)

To bad to hear this. It sounds like a classical scam method. And normally you won't see any penny back then.

Good thing that you shared this. As I want aware of these kind of scammers also being on Steemit. For now I'm save, cause I'm not interesting for these scammers. But many others are. So be aware!

Scammers everywhere! They damage there reputation of there country.
Even sell/buy steem/dollars there are also contains scammers.
Let them go to hell.

Wow thats awful. The nerve of that guy! Sorry you lost money, this is a great warning to us all that you can never be too trusting. Gonna resteem and hope that you can make some money back up.

Thanks for this informative post . this kind of case should be treated with immediate effect because if he keeps on doing this he might discourage many especially those who have not been well established in this platform. Take heart my dear for the lost ,God will reward you 10 fold portion of what you have been scammed in Jesus name.

its a important info! I want everyone to see this blog!!

thank you @therealwolf very helpful information for steemit users. I am sorry for what has happened. this should be stopped. so that no one will be deceived.
I hope you are fine.

With modern science, wild animals will become more savage, and vile people will be more vicious. But do not forget, with the modern knowledge of animals as wild as can be subdued. I support your post @therealwolf. I pray May they mess up in their lives for having committed a big scam.

Why do people have to go this far to scam people when steemit is wide enough to make content and earn. This is really sad

What's up wolfy. I usually avoid comment, but from time to time i check trending posts, and some of ur latests proyects / works / whatever.

Feels bad mate, year ago i meet someone who do the same to me. Slowly him got some trust from me, with his jokes, and way to act.

After a while started asking me for 10mbtc, 20mbtc and so on. Until him asked for the biggest one. And you know what happened next.

Sorry for your lost, hope that's not a big problem for u, and well, stay strong mate. The best what u can do is to tell us all ur experience, as u did so yeah.

You also have someone named @leewilliamson leaving spammy comments on posts accusing you of scamming a charity


The -5 reputation of that user should say everything :)


I wound up muting him. If he has legitimate beef, the truth will shine through the bullshit. Sadly, his doesn't...


It certainly does

It's a really mean trickery
I hate deceit
Thank you for your great information

That is sad news! I hope you get whats owed to you.

my lord this whole scam is a gigantic operation dude (sorry to say maybe also some naiveness in, here and there?) but that doesnt change the fact that this dude lies and that other people are duped by that.

100% and a resteem I hope we all can raise some cash back for yall!

I’m so sorry this happened, thank you for spreading the awareness of people like this... had no idea it could go that deep. You obviously have a big heart and care about and do a lot for this community, hate to see something like this happen to such a good person or anyone for that matter. Sending you a little SBD to go to your recovery funds and to let you know there’s still some nice people out there that also care about this community. PS... it’s not much I’m just a plankton haha!

He used the money to bet with OK and make a lot of money from. He sent me screenshots of how much he had which I went and got a screenshot of to share, bloody sucks how many he duped. My mate looks to have been duped for some SBD too.

Here are two of the times he screenshotted from his plays. As a cautious guy and not having as much SBD I went avoided sending any and when people asked about him asking for SBD, I said I am not fully sure about it and any sent is their choice.



Shit, he never told me he betted the fucking money on a bot.

Ok, first of all so thats how you look in real life?! I always see the cartoon version of you, good to know how you really look like.
Second... Man, seriously... cancer? When you hear (or read) that, you should know its lies! Especially when it comes to money. For some reason people always have someone with "cancer" when money its involved wich pisses me off cause my grandma did die of cancer! Hope you get your money back!

I'm of the opinion that the people that got scammed should not feel shame in the slightest. This poor excuse for a human being used the worse kind of manipulative tactics to achieve his goals, lying about someone's health like that... Honestly, It boils my blood so much.

If anyone, I just have a better opinion of you and Neoxian now... I don't think of you less, quite the opposite.

Hello - he has also scammed me for around $135 Australian Dollars and I see now that I wont get my money back - he is obviously a drug addict and even reading his recent post on Steemit he is claiming to have been robbed and is manipulating more people to give him money -- the whole situation has made me sick as I was forwarding him money for a sister sick with cancer ..the thing is that I have a disability and money is hard earned for me and relatively scarce. I hope he finds the courage to kill himself and stop scamming people as this hurts more than he will ever know. By letting him keep his steemit account your just letting him scam more people to pay you. I have felt so ashamed of being scammed and have been depressed and alone , and now i know this information , i am so angry but at least i don't feel so alone and hopeless. God this is going to stop me from helping people in future and that is terrible, I feel so upset. Thanks for posting this , as I was still hopeful he would get back in contact and repay me, and now I know I am one of so many and will never get my money back. All the best to you mate

Thanks! These kind of people are ruining the steemit platform. Your post will help other steemians to stay away from him. Resteemed.

Thank you for letting the community know about this. I do not usually resteem things because I enjoy keeping my page full of my own original content; however, I will resteem this. I greatly appreciate it and I feel my readers will too. I don't have many readers but every little bit counts. I have the quality, I just lack the resources required to make me trend.

I do however seem to have one loyal reader (if I can even call it that). It is that same guy. Maybe a different account, I'm not sure. I didn't really research it. All I know is that he has devoted his life to trying to destroy you. My response wasn't as bad as I would have liked it to be because I can not afford to be targeted. I will leave the link below.


I don't normally post links onto people I don't know - but this might help you spot them - once you keep it in your consciousness, and the signs to look out for..

....if you want me to remove it, just message me, matey.


Each time people deceive us of the confidence that were won and take advantage to steal the last penny, has my support @therealwolf

Being scammed for 1000 + sbd, this s... My own few sbd is already very precious and it did help out me to pay my loans or mortgage. And now I am down with little sbd. Those people who scammed other for their own interest is really f... And hope their wrong doing will get karma.. Hahah I know this is wrong for like cursing people. But I sincerely think that Steemian should help each other not scammed people.
Everyone include me want to earn more too especially me. But I don't go telling lies around.
Yeah! This guy maybe really need money to help her sister medical but why don't just be a gentleman and really ask for help. Also using a sister sickness to scammed people I hope the unreal will not be real.

Maybe your karma brought this upon you. I am going through something similar. Decided to blame myself.

thanks for sharing.i didnt have info about it

Caught offguard

At one level they feel they are entitled to whatever they can get/take from other people. In their minds, if you are gullible you don't deserve whatever you have - they deserve it not you.

Thanks for making aware of us. Can't you just get your money back? I mean is there any other way of getting back your money from him?

Upvoting and re-steeming to help spread the word.

Take care.

Sorry for all the people who got scammed. Thank you for the warning! Have upvoted your post, for what it's worth.

These stories sound awfully familiar to me, especially when people mention Pandacoin.

I think he might have scammed some people on the old Bitcointalk forums before. Just something about his writing style and the way he asks for more money just rings a bell. I'm going to look a bit further into this and see if I can't tie this all together.

I might be completely wrong of course, but given the way he operates here, I wouldn't be surprised if he's been doing this sort of scam for at least a couple of years.


When he messaged me I had a strange feeling but the small amount of risk for some reward seemed okay to me, I mentioned to another user "Is Slothyyy trust worthy?"

I made my decision and sent him some funds, after a few days I just kept having this feeling like he was going to scam me. So I asked him for it back and said that I plan on sending him another 50SBD In a week (Hoping that he sees it as a risk for a bigger reward)

Again he tried to guilt trip me saying he just wants to make money to feed himself but I ignored him.

Im glad he is finally exposed

I didn't lend him money for the sake of myself earning more money (it was a nice sideeffect tho')

This hurts because me too, I even told him he doesn't have to give me back a profit, I just wanted @gamersunited account to have more upvotes, that's it!!

Though I only gave a small amount so my case isn't bad...

I still can't fathom why folks get satisfaction in inflicting pain and misery on others, someone lends a helping hand to you and the only way you could repay a favour is by scamming your benefactor. You'll definitely get everything back in ways you could ever imagine.

Wow, that is a real bummer @therealwolf, scammers and liers are talented to be convincing, but they put their talent in the wrong place. After them it is getting harder and harder to trust people that are actually honest.

Hope that nobody else gets scammed after reading this post. Resteemed

Much obliged to you for giving me the data and when I will share it and it will be recovered ... you are the best for this situation, fraudsters don't should be between us.

I value your Every substance sir.

Good luck.

Good information, I'll be more careful of people like that

He is a professional scammer! I cant even believe these things are happening, shame :( I am so sorry for what you have been through. I really prefer that we will have ID verification here to prevent such problems. This guy seems to be very professional and I am sure that there are many silent victims out there. We have also small scammers and phishing, if you heard about it lately! Thats another major problem here :(

Thank you for sharing your experience, unfortunately scammers will always be around where there is money. I still think that community-wide blacklist could be very useful as your post is likely to reach only few hundred users, still plenty of users that can be scammed left..About your experience it's certainly unpleasant but it made you stronger and you are not likely to get scammed again in the future, don't feel bad, it could have been worse ;)

It's sad to see people who stoop this low and scam good hearted people. I'm sorry you were scammed. Karma will one day strike.

Maybe he only dupes those who has the money.

So sorry to hear abt what happened to u guys. That's a big amt of SBDs right there. Would love to have some but they're all in the scammers hands now. Whew.

He needs some intervention is what I think. He's got a lying problem. Tsk tsk.

There are much more scums like this guy out there.Years of using internet and playing multiplayer games have teached me that you shouldn't trust anyone you don't know in real life.Im really supprised that you sent that huge amount of SBD to this guy.However I can somehow understand why you did this and I feel really bad for you and other scammed guys :(
I hope you will manage to somehow regain all what you've lost guys!


I think everyone should get scammed by someone in an item trade in an mmo before they're allowed to handle real money and deal with the big-league scammers.


Exactly.When I was younger I've been scammed a lot of times.I would say that the value of the most expensive item that I lost was just around 20$.But at that time it was crushing for me.Life teached me a lesson and since that time I never get scammed again.


Yeah, it's basically like paying 20 dollars to learn a lesson that could save a lot more in the future. Same story with me.

How horrible! Thank you for sharing the information and getting the word out to expose this shyster. I believe that he will reap what he sows.