Beware of @savemax, @randumoonnid, @onnurandid etc. ...

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@savemax, @randumoonnid, @onnurandid and whatever accounts that poor guy will create in the future, are spreading lies about - the project I've been working on and put my heart in for the last half a year.

Smartsteem takes quality of content serious and blacklists users who are abusing the system.

@savemax is one of them:

It seems that he has made it his mission to bring down smartsteem...

How funny this might sound - it's also sad because the last thing I want to deal with are lies from a sad little guy who isn't able to handle getting blacklisted.

So, he is sending memos like these out:

Now to get facts straight

@therealwolf and @smartmarket started to automatically downvote & comment once I noticed that he was spreading lies with more than 20 posts & comments. (

@clvr initially downvoted because he disagreed on the rewards @savemax received.

@mac-bot is an anti-spam bot maintained by @patrice. (thank you patrice!)

@randumoonnid is another account of that guy, which was supposed to be used for similar posts. Got even flagged from steemcleaners.

Additionally, no money has been held back by smartsteem and he isn't able to give out any proof about that.

So, if you get a message similar to the above - just ignore it.

Smartsteem is continuing the fight against plagiarism and spam!

If you care about the quality of content on Steem: then please join us -

This also shows me that we need the option to automatically hide and report spam-transfers.

I'm not completely sure if this has been already implented, because there was a time where transfers were getting hidden in the wallet from people with negative reputation.

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I have seen this and I ignore it. I'm still buy votes, selling votes and referring people to smartsteem because it's an amazing service and no matter how much I you @therealwolf you always help me. I have complete faith in the service and the team's ability to run it.

Thank you @cflclosers!

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Thanks for the update and info! Some people are just downright jealous and rude and cannot stand others success.
I've been using @smartsteem since starting here to increase exposure for my music, and have had no problems. I've had much more engagement from the community which in turn has increased my reputation considerably, My music evolved incredibly too which is such a posititve for a poor independent musician like myself.
Please Carry on with your great work because I'm an avid supporter and have recently applied to be whitelisted on SmartSteem
Cheers again
Also voted for your witness too @therealwolf

I just delegated 6k steempower to smartsteem, so far i can recommend it. Good job!

Thank you @steemboys - very much appreciate it!

yeiy my upvote is Stoll worth a penny

These people will be dealt accordingly based on their actions. I think there's a way the steemit team can permanently ban a proven abusive user. We the steemian can share our protest to these kind of user by flagging them.

wonder if Haejin will be tackled finally with the aid of smarkmarket & others. He's probably one of the highest rewarded shitposters on this site.

Unfortunately, the more smartsteem grows the more problems like this will appear.

Keep on fighting the good fight against plagiarism and spam.

Thanks for the support @zemiatin!

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Fighting bad quality content is not that difficult, but it will be the longest war to fight and that is what making it difficult. Keep it on!

Thank you @fr3eze!

These kind of guys are the reason i've been away from this platform for a couple days now. I just had to take a break. Sometimes i invest hours into a post and get almost nothing in return, while these guys abuse the system and post a 2 sentence post. Thanks for blacklisting him, thanks for flagging him. Haters will always hate, keep up the good work.

And that's exactly why I've created smartsteem - to stop those things from happening!

Good work, I think most people that see msg like that will look into it more and see soon its just lies, we got your back!

hallo sir
i am send 0.5sbd @smartmarket but i cannot receive upvote this post

plz chak it

Each of human given the opportunity to develop himself in accordance with the version. of course version one with the other different - different.

Feel the envy, and want to drop the opponent is deeds damned. why this happen? very reasonable, because of their inability to compete healthy so they seek black.

Please be patient as he kept trying to be the best. correct definitely will not be lost. greetings @seha76

Thank you @seha76!

This is preposterous. I have been using smartsteem for awhile now and it has delivered above and beyond my expectations.I checked out the accounts with the malicious claims and found out they have been found by steemcleaners to be posting plagiarized contents.Their rantings are a weak attempt to bring down smartsteem.

Thanks for informing us about these accounts. There so many other accounts who are spreading lies here. Hope they will blacklist​ them too as like that.

Sir @therealwolf ... You have done an outstanding job to expose the fake accounts, it is the duty of all of us to remains like a family and be aware everyone when ever any one feel some unpleasant conditions. Thanks for your support and cooperation.

16 word post getting rewarded with 19 SBD? That's insane.

Maybe u can consider me a live witness of the show... As i hail from Kashmir,the place on which the real quest is taking place......
I can say that the media and people like @savemax is making a fool out you...

Yeah ignore!

You're very funny, well...that's life. Great post

Haha yes dude your are right I already noted

It's @mack-bot, not @mac-bot.

I have seen your professionalism @therealwolf first hand in your helpfulness and communication. This shines much brighter than the bullshit slander and behaviour from idiots like him. Thank you for your amazing service and creating pretty much the best vote service here on Steemit.



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Hey, @therealwolf. I have been using smartsteem for a bit now and I love it plus I think it is a great idea while staying true to quality of content. Individuals like the one mentioned above are going to pop up over and over as smartsteem grows. I understand how you are feeling upset about this, but I do not think there is a need for a post like this. The users of smartsteem believe in it and those are the ones spreading the good.

That being said, I would love to contribute to the project. If you want to know more about my qualifications, contact me, I would be more than happy to have a chat. Nevertheless, I saw that to do so you encourage the use of Discord. I have never used Discord so I am somewhat reluctant to it. Is it a must, or can we communicate using other means?

Sorry but smartseem is doing great. If you weren't doing anything you would not get any backlash from loosers. You guys rule. If I ever want to promote a good post the first thing that comes to mind is smartsteem.

I just saw it as well and then I decided to flag his posts for annoying me with all that spam.

Nice Post..
Keep it up..

Thank you. i will be aware!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

I have bought votes from you, even sold votes for some time and also planning on delegating some SP when I accumulate enough to afford that. You are offering a great service to the community. If anybody used your service for good causes they will use it again and again. So, a memo from a few noob account won't hurt your reputation. But I can understand your feelings!

This types of people will come more and more as steem platform grows. You can maintain a database of blacklisted people along with the reason(s) for blacklisting. Other services can use that database.

I also got his memo and the best thing to do is to ignore. They are spreading bad vibes in this platform..

The price of fame... :)

it's going to take a lot more than someone throwing a spammy tantrum to get me to stop using smartsteem for buy/sell

Das ist gut, dass solche ausgebremst werden. Danke dir @therealwolf für den wertvollen Tipp.

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You will receive 3.34 SBD + about 2.1 SP => which is 5.44 SBD (SP converted to SBD)

I think in the above example you've give, you'd get 3.34 SBD plus $3.34 worth of SP which at current values would all come to a little more than the value of the 5 SBD you paid. Not a big profit, but at the end of the day you're paying for a little more visibility for your posts.

I will keep this post in the bookmarks and after the payment I will accurately write to you exactly what amount was paid for this post and what share in this payment brought smartsteem (if smartsteem and his friend Patrice do not flagging my post, for my daring to express my displeasure), but in all my calculations, it is planned lesion. Not to mention that 5 SBD is not the amount that will significantly affect the visibility of the post. The margin of return on the purchase of voting is approximately 266%, excluding SP, because this money is not liquid, especially if they are stretched for 14 weeks in equal shares, that is, to provide liquidity, for 5 SBD, the vote should have been approximately $13.33, but not at $9
Not to mention the initial fraud, because I made a bet at the last minute (after me no one made any bets) and the tracker showed approximately + 29% current ROI which really did not exist

btw their disclaimer for smartmarket over at says

'Receive between 180% and 210% (depending on curation) the amount you send with URL in MEMO to @smartmarket'

Pretty sure that no one is doubling what they're paying for votes.