Thousands of dollars in rewards recovered to the reward pool.

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If you haven't read the post about this user, I recommend reading it.

He has since initiated a powering down. It is obvious he is a bit upset about being called out on it.

I have gone through every account Iand removed our votes from his accounts and recovered thousands of dollars which will go back to the reward pool. I will lose our curation rewards but it is what I feel is best as it minimizes how much he will take with him as he leaves the platform.

There are other bots that are still rewarding him, and I suggest blacklisting and removing rewards as well.

bots used that still have payouts

I don't take blacklisting lightly, and I even more so removing rewards.

But this is unacceptable and it is not only spamming he is frauding users with his "upvote bots" and "giveaways" which are rigged to all his accounts.

A full list of his accounts can be found here and encourage you to do any due diligence you want to verify my findings.


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Thx, I'm new to steemit and I love it but it's a real brain stretch to figure all this out. :)
So just to clarify, these bots here are ok to use

Yeah, I think the spammy ones were small fry.

Same here dude, im still new here on steemit and im having a hard time choosing which bot i can truly use and trust... im doing some searching in which bots that have good reviews. Can any one tell me what bots is good to use...

why use bots? i thought seemit was all about original content, creating communities...this way its all artificial...
just saying...

It's pure greed man. Nothing about curation, just whales liking other whales posts regardless of content value. You will see fights like this all the time between the power players. Steemit should be about content first. These types of behaviours damage the whole community and destroy the credibility of the platform

My thoughts exactly. Glad to be on the same page.

Let's keep steemit clean. It is healthier this way...otherwise it will soon be transformed into something very dirty and common.

At risk of being flagged (yes they will try to silence your voice if they do not like what you say) all these bots that are cheating the system should be banned. The rules should be: One account per user and no bots so we can have a solid community. I literally have posts with hundredths of likes and comments that barely made a few cents. On the other hand, you see these so-called whales get hundreds of dollars with significant fewer likes. It doesn't make any sense. They are just damaging the platform and if you think about it, they make it unsustainable in the long run. Because obviously they are taking all the money and leave nothing to new users. Thus new users have no incentive to keep blogging since their post will get no money regardless of the number of likes they get. I hope these problems can get fixed because I really like Steemit

New slogan: Ban the bots!

I understand bots do useful things. And that bots aren't the core problem. But would it be so bad to ban bots? Then you can hire people to do the work themselves. Actual people. And maybe whales will hire minnows to do the work, giving minnows a way to make SBD and earn a greater stake in the platform.

What if all the bot owners power down, and there is no one to fund all this content?

Great Idea! Ban the bots. No more bots in Steemit!

My response to @whatsup in a side-chain of this thread. It got cut off, so I'm posting here. @whatsup said:

What if all the bot owners power down, and there is no one to fund all this content?

Here's my reply:

Nobody can predict. Maybe influx of new users? Maybe drop in price of steem that allows others to buy more? Maybe steemit's brand value goes up, encouraging more people to use it? So many variables.

The problem is perceived unfair distribution of upvotes, leading to new users getting frustrated or simply dropping out. The goal is to keep whales and technically-savvy people from manipulating the system to their advantage. The intended result is a Steemit where rewards are distributed based on how much users like what authors post. Bots have value, certainly, but they also contribute to our problem, undermine our goals, and prevent us from getting the result we want. So, I’m advocating Steemit acknowledge this, accept a hard and risky decision to ban the bots, and hope that by staying true to the values we share and committing to the goals we share, Steemit will be better off for us having done so.

They are taking away from post promotion too. Post promotion burns money to increase the price, but bid bots lowers the price by squirreling it away for itself.

Entiendo algo de ingles pero me quedo claro. Estas totalmente en lo cierto.

Couldn't agree more with you! Hope the rest of us stays true to ourselves. This platform is way much bigger than that..

That's why I am posting only my own work. As @stevekelly mentioned, it will not be sustainable on the long run with bots and those votes "enhancers" (me too I am puzzled when I see a post with 2-5 votes and over 30USD...)

I made a breakdown of how these bots work in my blog, check it out, also there is a new voting solution where you need to pass a quality test to avoid voting on spammers. Check smartsteem and the bots article. I agree with both of you though I feel forced to use them to avoid getting behind :(

I wrote an article about these bots. Some of them are really making millions for their creators. You can find the article here

I Agree, I mean am new to the comunity and I made quite some effort to make possible my last post, and it hardly gets an visit. Anyhow am patient and I will keep up.

I going to be really really honest here, because we think that the bots will help us to gain more attention with more upvotes so we can be featured in trending. If there are no bots, i i would not use it. But its actually like a gamble, out of 10 times only 4 pay out well. including the big ones like postpromoter or sneaky-ninja

Such a sweet kid @meonline. Bless his heart.

why use bots? i thought seemit was all about original content, creating communities...this way its all artificial

lol seemit?

The typo was probably a subconscious alteration.

Seems it yeah. Seems that your belief is right. Until you open your eyes.

That's just another proof I am not a bot :) :)
Mistakes makes us human, lol


I used to feel the same way, and in a sense I still do. When I joined SteemIt in October of 2016, things were different. You didn't need to use bots. If you put out great content, you got recognized accordingly, for the most part.

Unfortunately, things have changed drastically, and it's simply not enough to put out good content. If you are a new user, or even a pro, for that matter, if you want any recoginition at all (which you deserve if you put out good content), then you need to use bots.

Sad. For example I have here one comment with 51 voted worth of...2.8usd. one can get dissatisfied and quit very soon. Luckily I am here only for the fun of it, but "something" is definitely wrong here....

I agree. I'm here for the fun of it, too, but when you work on a piece for 3 hours and make less than $1 and then someone else comes along and reposts a meme they found on Facebook and makes $300, it gets a little less fun.

Soo true. Upvoted you brother!

I disagree. You can form relationships on the chat of others post. (like this one) People see that you are a real user and like reading your comments so they go to your blog and see your content. they than follow you and upvote your posts. This is a slower way to grow but it is more sustainable.

Agreed. I heard all about the bots and decided to try one. I used 3 bots on 1 of my posts just to see what it would do. And in all honesty I prefer the slower "real" method. Yes the bot gave it a very small almost nothing to be spoken about upvote but it was not sustainable. The difference is using the bots you have to "pay" for the upvote on each post. When people truly follow you and they read your content they give you their true upvote. This is based on YOUR content and it is real. Which means they will come back and read more of your content and form a true following and most of the time (you should not except every post will be liked by every follower) they will upvote your post. Not only is this the real way to grow it is better. As you get bigger on the platform your follower gets bigger as well. The bigger they are the more their votes are worth. So that .02 vote now can be worth a hue amount in 6 months. The bots are dead end and if you stop paying for the vote they stop voting. Do as you wish but keep this in mind before you use a bot.

excellent comment brother

you can use @appreciator, @upme, @upmyvote, i use them all the time and they pay well. very good profit margins

Are you sure on the margins part? Have you checked already on other solutions?I made a breakdown of how these bots work in my blog, check it out, also there is a new voting solution where you need to pass a quality test to avoid voting on spammers.
Check smartsteem and the bots article. Hope it helps you to get the full picture.

good comment boss

Ive used @jerrybanfield and it worked well for me. It is a lot to wrap your head around. I've been on here a month or two and I'm still figuring it out. I found that the #whaleshare community is extremely helpful as well. You can find them in discord. Talk, chat, ask questions... its a learning curve for everyone.

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I feel like automatic is the future, but we will have to sacrifice some quality

There is nothing wrong with those bots as far as I know. They are the ones (as well as mine) that had votes on these user accounts. I blacklisted them on my bot and removed the rewards on the scammy posts.

thx man

You need to go take a look at jerrybanfield, I think he may also be frauding users with his "upvote bots" and "giveaways" which are rigged to all his accounts. Take a close look at his current writing contest Supernatural Writing Contest, the rules he implemented, then go find some of the entries and you will see that any that used his bots got up votes and those complaining in the comments of those stories are asking without any reply back when their stories are going to get voted. So even though in the contest rules it says you don't have to use his bots or donate proceeds to him the only articles being promoted are the ones that are.

Investigate Jerry?
You must have not updated your navigator.
You took a wrong turn somewhere back there.


So you are saying that this dude markymark is in the inner circle of jerry therefore he won't go look into the allegations of abuse?

That's what you are saying actually.

Simply utilize the Shrelock within you.
To either validate or debunk that statement.

I have no power over what Jerry does, I can only control who abuses my bot. I am not SteemIt police (no one has that capacity as it is decentralized), I just have say who can or can't use my promotion bot and make a post about anything I see out of place.

If you believe he is doing something wrong, write a post about it and hopefully the community can deal with it.

@teknow is just mad I flagged his rude comment about approving the actions of a spammer.

......probably because at this point I can't see myself wasting my time writing something that I wouldn't even be able to get a foot inside the door for anyone to see it.

You on the other hand are already in the room, you could, at a minimum, look the situation over and determine if what he is doing is questionably fair to those participating and write a article on how contest run like that discourage participation and makes it appear the system can be rigged . You have way more exposure than I do to bring awareness. If I had to guess or make my own personal assumption based on other things I see, like what you depicted above, I would come to the assumption that he also is doing the very thing you described. It would seem though you may not be able to do anything about it it may bring awareness to someone who could or someone who could write guidelines to people entering contest about what techniques could be deployed at one's disadvantage. Simple as saying if a contest ask you to give up your rewards for something other than a charitable event it may be questionable.

He put out a contest with rules that he is not even voting on the content that was created following those rules. And a few of the ones he did vote on did not follow the rules. Yes it is rigged. But than I loved the idea behind the topic. So I wrote a post on it myself. I did see your entry and I thought it was well written as well. I even upvoted it. But than I am still small so it is only worth .02 right now.

I appreciate that, I do better at commenting then writing elaborate stuff so every penny counts to keep me swimming and rewarding others, I get down to a couple bucks and I am sweating it....(lol). I just like blogging, it's a hobby and as nice as the thought is of making money off your hobby sounds it's not always a realistic expectation. Do you have a link to your story? I loved to read it.

here is the link to mine. I too love the idea of just having an open community that I can share my story with.

You soft cock you're not man enough to discuss the truth.
On your very post about rape there sits on top a spam post.

On your mind also.. there sits the truth about the real rapists here.


Thank you for doing the Hard and Tideus leg-work so that we can all enjoy this platform and do it on a level playing field, so-to-speak. The greed has got to end people . Be original and have fun! Don't make this another one of those Great Ideas that gets ruined because you have no self-control. Again thank you and Good Luck to all my fellow Steemers!


good info

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

LOL good info for who?
The whales who now have eliminated another 'civilian' from raping the rewards?
The guy was utilizing the system EXACTLY how it was designed to be used.


This initiative is so laughable that I wonder if this markymark really does think he is Marky Mark there making sure that the Funky Bunch can get to go party backstage like they were accustomed to.

This is what steemit is developing into.
BOT RAPE PASS ONLY when you are granted that right by those who run them.



  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

No, it's that is out of my hands. I am not the Steemit Police, I can only deal with things I have control of, and I can control an abuser fraud with 51 accounts from using my bot.

You're a damn witness! You're not a nobody around here. You're NOT powerless. Anyway, these minuscule "return to the rewards pool" achievements are a valiant effort yes, but fall way short. It's like watching someone expel water with a bucket out of a sinking ship.

It's as productive and idiotic as the initiative of berniesanders thinking that his little flag poke is doing anything beyond embarrassing his sorry ass and creating a fragile platform for everyone else to move cautiously and lethargically on.

That should really be everyone's concern.
What is the real consensus of stemmit.
Within these walls, it doesn't mean shit if they all know the words to the song. It doesn't mean shit if they all sing along.

What matters is outside of here. What is spoken during that moment of "word of mouth". Sure there are many virgins who like many, fall for the concept. For every virgin though, there is many who speak negative about their experiences. Many have been here, and then gone. Never to return.

The most dominant reason:

Yet the movement to onboard more and more seems to be priority. Not communities anymore. Well that's a double edged sword. More users will have a positive. However, the more that come and go.. and then pass on their view.. that the platform is broken. A SCAM even. Rigged. This is not how systems and platforms grow.
Even with a dedicated campaign, a reputation is hard to shake.

One cannot build a mansion without a solid foundation.

You have the same false impression many do, witnesses do not have any super power to stop any abuse (nor is it in their job description, I do it by choice).

Stopping abuse is merely a system of who has more Steem Power. I can, however, stop them from using promotional services I offer to further their efforts.

I'd love to know your "return to the reward pool" achievements. Maybe we can compare notes. I blacklisted over 200 people this week from abusing the system, how many have you?

Shit if one individual could initiate 'grumpycat' and force a new code of conduct for the bot owners and users. Then it would indicate that ranked individuals do have powers which they might not be aware of, or maybe.. don't wish to explore.

And as you say, you do it because you choose to. (which I applaud) So to chose not to is thus an option too. One exercised by many. That's the thing. That many who are here long enough know via observation. It's clean up here, this, that... but all that going on up there. .. .... .. . . ..

I have zero invested here but interest. So yeah I can't be an equal to you. Obviously your end question was rhetorical. I appreciate you engaging in conversation though.

@grumpycat also wields a huge hammer, is able to cause damage to lots of innocent people. I refused to yield to the demands of a hypocritical terrorist because of the way he went about it and the fact he does the same thing with his comments, even though I completely agreed with the end goal.

I eventually changed it because in the end I believed in the reason behind it and I had bigger issues to deal with and newer users were getting hurt in the process.

It cost me a lot but such is life. But I think you are disillusioned if you think I have the power to change much here outside of what I control. I tried that as well and well that didn't go well either.

I've come to terms that I need to focus on what I can control or influence.

I owed more then what you sent @buildawhaleScreen Shot 2018-02-07 at 12.40.03 AM.png

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


The rewards are back in and this guy is here to steal them.

I think we found a new campaign for @steemflagrewards. @lasper you are now on our radar.

lol Oh no he's taking $2. The outrage.
Whales taking thousands...... no no... we don't go there.

@teknow look at the screencap. He's taking in way more than that. I'm not disagreeing with you, however.

I think whales taking thousands would be too meager an estimate. Maybe tens of thousands

But @themarkymark? Out of all bid bot owners I have interacted, he is likely one of the most principled. I mean he actually made a decision to sacrifice his curation rewards in this case.

I don't like bid bots in general but if I had to choose one to endorse. It would be his.

Yeah I must agree themarkymark is a good guy here.
Fuck it though, this is still a pointless initiative.

BOTS grew to BE the system.
Now everyone's papers getting checked.

Not the Whales though.... hand on cock and staying that way.
Now up we go.. and down... and up.... and down....


lol sorry.. this pic is too funny.

And that's exactly the reason why I advocate to BAN THE BOTS from Steemit. Furthermore, it is not only me. If someone has the technical knowledge to do a survey among all users of this platform, I can assure you the vast majority want the BOTS GONE

Think there are good bots and bad. Take @gentlebot for instance. He upvotes non-self voters. That is really cool because greedy self voting is largely incentivized. I hate it with a passion and my adamance against them (pattern self voting and excessive bid bot use on subpar content primarily) has drastically inhibited my account growth and influence.

Some people say the only reason they use the bots is to keep from falling behind the more manipulative trenders. I can kind of see that but I just can't bring myself to go with the flow when said flow is directly contrary to my ideals.

I'm going to make a reasonable attempt to change things with my meager minnow power and scripting ability but I will eventually make an ultimatum to myself as to how long I will tolerate it.

I have ideas for a more equitable blockchain based social media project. If all else fails, maybe our kind can come together and start something new. Something with a more fair rewards system that is stake neutral in terms of authorship.

I know the whales probably get annoyed with my complaining ( I am doing something about it tho) but I am certain that most fellow principled low stake holders can relate.

Yes, there are some good bots, I like the Chetaah bot that identifies plagiarised content. The problem is that it would be almost impossible to review all bots to determine which ones are good or bad. Thus the solution I propose is to limit accounts to one per user and NO BOTS. Anyway, I will start promoting the concept of NO BOTS and while we minnows do not have any power we have the numbers and if we stop following and upvoting whales they will be forced to listen to us

Good to no

power to the community. It is all about fair share.
There is no such thing as equal share.
Again fair share.
Keep on steemin'

agreed. automated vs organic... its a tough battle to win. can it be won? its like recycling will the earth ever be free of waste? but we can always do our part to recycle what we can and know we are making a difference no matter how small of an impact 1 can have on a planet. These things always begin with awareness and then adoption. For me trying to get outta bed and into the gym before the work bell starts is always the expectation but it doesn't always happen. But when i do i know im working on a better me. Same goes For @themarkymark here I'm proud to see 1 browncoat here trying to mop up the automated trash in steemit. Cant seem to stand it when users are abusers and destroy the organic things that make a place so great. It's great to see someone taking their time to focus on making this place better for us, and with the difficulty of onboarding new users, and this trash getting in the way, it doesnt make things any easier. Theres a new sheriff in town... and he's comin'


Organic upvotes are always better, they are a sign that there are people who truely appreciate your content. Nonetheless if you can make money and get your content seen by a large portion of the steemit community through inorganic upvotes there isn’t a problem with it unless it is abused.

Understood. Just two different paradigms of thought hoping for favorable outcomes

좋은 정보 감사해요!

I'm more confused than ever! I just stay away from the bots and keep plugging away old school hoping to build a tribe of people that actually want to read my stuff. :)

im in the same boat my friend but reach out to people always to educate myself on how they work and what they are. They are an integral part of Steem. As a new user a month in i am staying away but educating myself as i grow i may need them who knows. People like @themarkymark are governing the space to make it better for us, as he has bots as well and is always willing to educate anyone on best practices, including bots :)

useful information!

You know, I really don't get these spammers - why the hell would you do this? First, they're hurting the platform AND the community. Which is ungrateful, to say the least. Not to mention, undeserved by those of us who do actually work on our posts and actually struggle to grow the community and help it prosper.
Second, don't they realize Steemit is this golden ticket? That it's too good to be true? You get to meet awesome people and be rewarded for writing what YOU want and still you try to steal and abuse it?

No wonder change is so hard...with people like this trying to screw it up at every step.

I think you made a good decision themarkymark. You're one of the good guys.

I couldn't have said it better myself :)

Agree with this.

Steemit has a lot of potential.

But only if the platform is actually full of good content, not mediocre stuff being fluffed with bots.

No one wins if Steemit as a platform doesn't win.

thank you D:
I liked your comment

Not a fan of all the botting, need original material.

I think it's awesome that there are people who actually care about the platform more than their own personal gain.

Cleaning up activity like this is necessary to retain the value of the platform and its currencies in the future, everyone is still motivated by money, lol.

Ooh, ooh me!!! Call on me!!!!

I really don’t care about the money. I usually just give away upwards of 75% of payout value equivalent in fiat to a non-profit. The rest I put into increasing post visibility, not to make money, but to get more eyes on what I write.

It’s not because I’m better than anyone who is motivated by money.

I’m actually worse, since my motivation is probably best described as something approaching an almost unprecedented level of navel-gazing vanity.

In other words, I want lots of people to read my stuff and go “Ooooooo,” and “wow״ and just start chanting “That guy’s great! That guy’s great!”

It’s really unbelievable that there’s even room left on the blockchain for anything other than my ego.

But still, ya know, not motivated by money...

Virtue signaling is one of the favored pastimes on steemit, you will go far with that attitude. Hell, I just put it in my username.

Oh you have no idea.

I’m on like Virtue Signaling-The Lost Levels.

I make a point to compare myself to a piece of garbage on a regular basis, and to figure out the nasty things people will say about me in advance, so I can head them off at the pass and just do it myself.

Strangely, even though it all has the utility of virtue signaling, its all also not an incorrect understanding of my own self-worth.

Follow this stuff down into my psychological rabbit hole and you’ll find that all the “admitting that I’m a walking talking ego trip” is just a cover for some incredibly deep rooted insecurities and neuroses.

My psyche makes Woody Allen look like a hyper-confident alphamale.

So I should take up virtue signaling? I'm not sure I can do that as I am most certainly the most useless poster on the blockchain.

In fact, I'm surprised I don't have a negative number of followers...although there's always @charitybot to save the day.

Let me see if I can find a way for everyone I come in contact with to marvel at my amazing self-deprecation and I'll get back to y'all.

P.S. I'm now following @ilt-yodith (despite having no idea wtf that name means) simply based on this post:

yeah that one was a masterpiece of filthy crap, definitely not a recommended read for the weak willed

This was a masterpiece. Extra credit for subtlety referencing a toilet during your self-deprecation.

If you can condition people to think of toilets whenever your name is brought up in conversation, you’ve essentially earned a Masters Degree in purposeful self-loathing.


thank you for turning me on to him/her.... i have since read 95% of his/her posts and laughed and pondered and genuinely loved it all. can't wait for more LOL

Haha, I've been thinking a lot about how to work steemit into non profits. It looks like there's a lot of opportunity here to raise funding.

ahhhhhhh THIS is where i first found you LOL. it was the last tab to close... lol

Yep, when there's no police force to keep people from abuse, the people have to do it!

Your writing is very good, and very beneficial. And I am also motivated for your writing. And I say thousands of thanks for writing you wrote, semonga you and I we will be successful together in this steemit. So that can add more income .. beloved friendship may we healthy always yes.

This is not surprising. Where ever there is money to be had. Someone will try to game the system.

Good job pointing them out to us.

images (12).jpeg

Yep, those are the incentives around here for sure.

This is the kind of stuff that brings a bad name to Steemit. It’s great that it’s run by the people and that anything goes but this is the kind of stuff that needs overseeing and moderation in my opinion. Maybe that’s what the witnesses are for but truly I have seen so much drama and misuse of the Steemit platform in recent weeks.

Between the Haejin/Berniesanders feud and all the nonesense- your bound to somehow get caught up in it even if your not looking for it.

I received a flag the other day for merely commenting on a haejin post. My god is this what the future of Steemit looks like.

And these accounts that spam and destroy the reward pool system ...

My steemification app has been recently blown up by someone who is making tons of accounts and spamming the same post over and over and over again on every one. Tagging me along with several other in every single post.

Obviously I’m tired of it too and though some of this is off topic it serves to make a point. These posts are important because they clean up Steemit.

If I had more Steem power and wasn’t so new, I’d be dedicating a lot of time and effort into trying to do my best to corrrect some of these problems. We have to be part of the solution- not the problem.
Thanks @themarkymark


This whole thread makes me start to lose trust for the whole platform.

If this turns into a bot-fest, there's no way the platform as a whole will succeed.

People are only going to come in to use Steemit if there's quality content.

But if the incentive for creators is to fake or hack the system vs. actually create good stuff, the overall user base will fail in the mid to long run.

It'll just be a short-term bot fest that makes the whole feed smell like greed and low-quality content.

Really, the best thing to do (instead of trying to bot your way to success) would be to help this platform take off by creating good content.

Otherwise all the STEEM you make via bots will be worthless when the whole platform tanks because everyone is cheating the system and no one actually wants to use the platform as a consumer.

Self-serving destroys the whole. Always.

That's true here just like it's true on a global scale.

Help the platform succeed, and everyone on it today will succeed too.

Thanks for looking out for the community!

it need to be stop this kind of stuff, it will kill steem!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Which one? Buying votes? Or spammers? Or buying votes and spammers? :D


how are you

hehehe.. feel good!

thank you .Mr.@bien
Dear friend
steam world you have successfully opened the edge. And you have successfully top level reached, this is my wish. And I am glad this is my practice in your development.
My request to you, I am like a small child in the steam world unknown and withut benefited.
You must know
"People for people"
So went my way in the world, steam your collaboration service.
Please do follow me and help and thanks to me

wow excellent

You know, I truly don't get these spammers - why the damnation would you do this? In the first place, they're harming the stage AND the group. Which is unreasonable, most definitely. Also, undeserved by those of us who do really deal with our presents and really battle on develop the group and enable it to thrive.
Second, don't they understand Steemit is this brilliant ticket? That it's unrealistic? You get the chance to meet amazing individuals and be remunerated for composing what YOU need and still you endeavor to take and mishandle it?
I think you settled on a decent choice telemarketer. You're one of the great folks.

I'm glad we have members like you keeping an eye out for this crap.
Thank you!

Yo @themarkymark, that's great, you put an end to shitbags such as @nuovisa and his/her many aliases. Sad to say buddy but there are way bigger arseholes than this dude. When is someone going to put a stop to @grumpycat or @transisto and his bitch @newsflash. These bastards upvote 5 word comments to over 200 SBD. How about @ranchorelaxo and the scam he/she is pulling. Then there is this idiot @berniesanders, hogging trending with stupid rants. There are many more. I have been on Steemit less than than a week and these dumb fucks are shitting on the Steem platform image.

This is not the sort of crap big investors want to see if they plan on bringing serious cash to the platform. You and your other witnesses need to sort this shit soon.

I am powerless against anything at that level. I can only address why I have control of. Steemit ya spoken they are perfectly fine with all that. I’m just trying to do what little I can do to make the place better than when I got here.

On the other hand this isn’t a witness responsibility. It is the community, a witnesses job is the blockchain itself, producing blocks and maintaining a price feed and a few other things. Many of us care but many aren’t even here anymore and just come by to collect rent.

Thanks for your response. Anything positive is better than nothing. Regards to the community. I might be wrong but it looks like 99% are close to completely powerless. Witnesses on the other hand, seems like you guys have exposure that regular dudes don't. If you want the community to act, maybe they need to be incited just a little.

In regards to those heavily invested, a clean image is essentially to longevity. You seem like a good guy. Maybe you can get the wheels rolling on something.

I try doing things all the time but I have very limited power.

sounds like we need to bring the brute squad


Yea there IS something "fishy" no pun intended with some of the whales here powering other whales and collecting rent, it definitely makes new users very discouraged. Id love to see a list of people that are ACTUALLY GOOD contributors trying to help people over WHALES that are not.


i agree with this.

Why do those peoples choose to spam rather than to work equal with other people


Wow these damn whales on steemit are killing the platform! They need to go or they will drive steems value down!

This is unimaginable, people would definitely have a negative approach to anything good. I wonder what he gains for these frauds. Thanks for sharing this and raising the alarm!

$. Like most scammers.

So my fear now is if our steemit accounts is safe. Like what do we do to fight off these scammers, and equally protect ourselves

As long as you don’t have malware on your machine, enter your password anywhere you shouldn’t, and don’t give it to anyone, you should be safe.

That doesn’t mean users won’t offer services like upvotes and giveaways that are rigged.

We'll have to be careful then, since upvotes offers and giveaways is the new trick... Thanks again for this info. I really appreciate this.

lucky man
go with me in steemit

I read the post yesterday already, the first commenter was even warning people to beware on using buildwhale, but for me the bots are good, there are even rules on how you use some in there discord accounts.

I have a few people that do that, that's why blacklisting users and stopping spam is so difficult.

This user sends 6500 memo wallet spam at a time promoting his posts

or this guy that flagged me with 6 of his accounts when I flagged him for spamming and stealing images across multiple accounts.

Fun times!

You got my support, keep supporting steemians with your great works @themarkymark

@themarkymark did you notify @jerrybanfield with your blacklist? he was voting to bots yesterday i hope he stop supporting trolls

yea you got my support as well. anything i can do say it and im in

Its not good for steem. This kinda thing need to be stop.

I think it is good to highlighted that issue because they misuse the system...

Glad you blacklisted these idiots !! There are so many people leaving absolutely irrelevant spam comments hoping to make the odd Cent here and there. Needs to stop for the good of this community! Else it will become like Bl**dy Instagram :(

Terima kasih informasinya sangat bagus.


Thnx for the information. I m new here. Are these safe for bots

Suggestions are highly appreciated.....

I know for sure @jerrybanfield is honest. I have followed him on Youtube for long time and he helps alot of new people. Now that I am here I follow him here as well.