Daily Flag Report (2018-07-21)

in abuse •  last year 


The accounts below have been flagged for spamming, scamming, or other shameful behavior.

Total amount of rewards returned to the reward pool in the past 24 hours by @abusereports:



AuthorPostsCommentsTotal Removed

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@abusereports hello 👋 sir, It is a very important issue in steemit, sometimes flag 🚩 report, sometimes blacklist report, really need it in steemit too, steemit is a good platform, here is no bad, we do not want it, we're all waiting for your report @ ,,,

  ·  last year (edited)

That's why i say all steemit users dont spam, scam or miss behavior...
This site is so strict, dont spam here2551018-0218293255-tumbl.gif