Why is EGO so prominent in the "Conscious" Communities and the Movement? - AbundanceTribe QOTW

Our Belief systems are very strongly rooted, to an extent most of us have some or the other belief system and not necessary it is always going to coincide with our communities. Within one community people may have different views about Peace. For e.g. one may think that Peace comes with being in silence, where as another one thinks peace comes with confronting the situation and sorting it out. These thoughts that arise are just based on our own belief systems. The way we approach life in different situations is all based on our own belief system and when that differs in the community the EGO comes in to the play.

It is like the Tree and it's roots, where the tree is visible but the roots deep down are not and we do not know how deeply they are rooted. Similarly our EGO we do not know how deep it is within us. If we would know that, it would be much easier to manage it and then the difference of opinions will be handled in a better manner.


We all have our opinions, specially in communities when we work for 1 agenda and we need to be collectively coming to mutual agreements, if the belief systems are very strongly rooted it becomes difficult to take another view.

So it depends how much the community is focused on achieving the end result rather then fulfilling individual agendas. Even a "Conscious" community comes up with people who have similar goals, but then not necessary everyone has a similar approach to achieving the Goal. Individual goals come together to achieve a collective goal, so each individual somewhere also has an individual path in achieving the goal, but when in a community everyone comes up with their own path, there need to be a way to mutual consensus. When the community gets focused on achieving the end result and flexible to alter their own belief systems the EGO goes down the drain.

It's a human trait to stand out as a leader in every form, when one gets heard and stands out in the crowd it is self gratifying. Everyone wants to be heard at least if not become a leader and when that does not also happen the EGO pops out more then ever.

Ego is our Personality-Identity construct, so it is always going to be with us, it is the degree that varies. The Ego is the "I" that we are.
We may not accept something but that does not make it wrong, but the moment we try to prove that it is not right we are feeding more into our EGO.

Also in a community when someone is not heard then eventually the person may stop participating and that is also a type of EGO that comes into picture, that why should I participate when no one is listening to me.

We all want to feel good, whether we operate individually or in communities and EGO is nothing but a self gratification emotion. The feel good factor.
Can "I" "Let GO" is more important to not feed the EGO.

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