About My Culture [A Steemit Story Challenge - Winner Announcement]

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#AboutMyCulture Challenge Winners!

Last week, @sndbox hosted a competition designed by member @aaronli titled “About My Culture.” The challenge was to showcase a unique part of your culture - the city you live in, the customs of your daily lives, special moments in history, and any other narratives that make up the cultural environment you live in or have experienced. You can see the original call and guidelines here.

Over the course of the week, we’ve received 50+ rich entries from around the world and today, we’re pleased to show off some of the select articles and winners!


1st Place: Contemporary Taoism

@prch's very thorough article examines the traditional practices of Taoism in Asia and the modern interpretations and applications of the historical belief system in today's global world. Through extensive photo and text, the post documents a range of daily and ceremonial elements, architectural features, and many other cultural elements that identify Taoist influence.

Read @prch’s original article here.


2nd Place: A Shophouse Story from Penang

@kimzwarch gives a vivid account of the architectural texture and history of his hometown in Penang, Malaysia. His analysis includes structural and stylistic typologies, historical documentation, and even snapshots of citizens operating in and throughout the built environment of the city. Plus, the buildings are absolutely stunning!

Read @kimzwarch’s original article here.


3rd Place: Pahela Boishakh

@tetas08's look at the Bangla New Year festival is extremely colorful and diverse. He provides a painstaking historical backdrop to the origins and specific practice of the day's festivities and even includes contextual differences as the holiday is hosted in other countries.

Read @tetas08 original article here.


Honorable Mentions

@iskandarishak gives a rich bilingual account of the life as a salt farmer in Indonesia. Read the original post here.

@dandalion combines the mystical origins of bamboo with the practical applications of the material in modern life. Read the original post here.

@afiqsejuk reports on the ‘green’ efforts of Singapore’s urban development efforts, ranging from preservationist to futuristic advancements. Read the original post here.

@tcpolymath looks at the rare case of “urban waterfalls,” documenting the example of Minnehaha Falls in the Minneapolis-St. Paul city area. Read the original post here.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you also to @aaronli for organizing this with us and for the amazing theme concept. Be sure to follow @sndbox for all future writing and creative competitions in the future. Our next creative challenge will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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I'm honoured to have been chosen, it's always my pleasure. And I enjoyed the cultural stories and experiences shared by fellow contestants. Thank you.

Congratulations @prch! Thank you so much for sharing your story and culture with us. We had such a great time reading through entries and learning more about the many corners of the world.

Pleasure be always mine :-)

Congrats! 🎉🍾🎊 very interesting story and great writeup! 👍

Oh cool @dandalion, congrats!

Congratulations also to the winners, thanks for sharing a bit of your culture in a very informative way!

Thanks for your support @luvabi :D

These stories are fascinating! Big thanks to everyone who participated.

Although I haven’t win, but the spirit of me to tomorrow very high, continue to learn from the post winners, so I could feel the great elected so winner.

Sir @sndbox, I'm very glad you liked my traditional cultural country! I tried to tell about the cultural festival of our country and I feel very good because they all liked this festival of traditional culture of my country with joy. I thank all my friends because they all liked my traditional cultural festival. Sir, today I have been able to tell about the traditional cultural festival of my country. I am very grateful to you.

Thank you @sndbox and @aaronli for coming up with this contest. I have yet to read all the entries but I've already learned a lot! ❤

sndbox is great, i'm very proud of sndbox's efforts in steemit ,, many things i can see on sndbox account wall, everybody would love this, i do not want to praise, but this praise is right for you @sndbox, you create a creative contest so many people can show off their skills here ,, this is very unusual for me !! all oang would love sndbox ,, i am sure ,, success always @sndbox ,,, !!

Whoa, thanks for the recognition @sndbox and @aaronli! This contest did open my eyes to more culture and made my world bigger. I never experience Bangladesh festival before and just realize that it is so colorful. Taoism is something blended in my life and I just learnt about a different implementation of it in different context.

After traveling the world for 11 years. I'm a huge fan of people and culture. Each one is precious and sharing your culture with the world only brings us closer together as one human race while conserving what makes us all unique and special in our own ways! Well done for all the contributes to this challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners of #Aboutmyculture challenge! Those are great articles, and insights to your cultures, that is a source of inspiration for us to be better. Thank you to @sndbox for hosting the challenge and @aaronli for coming up with the theme for the competition. I'm looking forward for more. Good day!

Thank you for the honorable mention. As a newbie to Steemit I'm really appreciating the positive attention my posts have gotten.

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Congrats to the winners of this contest of #aboutmyculture challenge, it was really an interesting one. There were loads of entries and I equally participated, now I have learned about lots of cultures through this contest Which I believe was the primary aim why this contest was initiated by @sndbox and @aaronli at the first place, it was sure an educative one. Thanks @sndbox for such outstanding competition which brings unity in diversity. I am looking forward to more competitions like this in the nearest future.

Great job done by those winner.Congratulations to all of you.This kinds of competition helps steemit getting better.Thanks to @sndbox for organizing this kinds of contest,which is making the best use of those talent.@upvoted and resteemed

Congratulations to all the winner.You people have provided some real quality content.The entire credit goes to @sndbox sir.Sir for your initiative we are getting this kinds of rich content.This will enrich steemit for sure.Thank's for sharing with us @sndbox sir,God bless you.@upvoted

Superb work from all the contestant,i specially wanna thank's to @tetas08 for presenting our cultural richness in front of the world.I wanna say thank you @sndbox from deep end of my heart for this kinds of steps.This is very useful for all the steemians to show there talent.@upvote and resteem

Congratulations for all the winners. I appreciate for all the winners. That's really great contest.

It was great

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thats great idea i will be particepent in this Hope you will find me in this challenge keep it up You are doing great work for the community keep it up I wish you all the best

Congratulations to the winners, good challenge.contest makes a man more skillfull and smart in the work.good job

Thank you @ sndbox has announced a race about culture accompanied by a full explanation. Hopefully the future of such a race or challenge can be held again, so we can learn again. Thank you

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a very good post by the steemit user community

Awesome! Congratulations to the winners, it's an interesting contest.
I'm also interested to participate in the contest :)

Congrat for all the winner. Thanks for @sndbox making this contest to help steemit good in making content and more quality. Everyday I learn steemit to be a good steemian. Everyday I read your post as an encouragement to move on.

congrats to all the winners .. congrats also madam @dandalion


Thank you, sndbox for putting me in the honourable mentions. I am very honoured to be in your mentions! Upvoted!

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Congrats to all winners! This encourages us to know more about our culture and to share them so that others can be educated about it. Every culture is colorful and rich in history. It may even surprise you to know a lot of things about your own culture and perhaps find similarities in others, too. This is an informative kind of challenge. Good going! Do I smell part 2 of this @sndbox? lol!