Keeping the government out of the relationship between a woman and her doctor?

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Modern abortion laws are mostly restrictions and regulations on healthcare providers and what services they can be licensed to provide and such. As far as I know, nobody's saying we should force women into getting random pregnancy tests or something involving draconian surveillance, and the vast majority of people who are pro-life are opposed to criminal penalties for mothers who get abortions.

I believe that the basic non-anarchist libertarian position is that the state should only interfere in the relationship between two individuals if one initiates aggression against the other without the other's consent.

Pro-life libertarians believe abortion falls under that category, while pro-choice libertarians don't.

I mean, the obvious pro-life retort is that we're all clumps of cells, and implantation through rape is an act of aggression.

The "clump of cells" label feels tiring, because it doesn't really signify any meaningful difference between the fetus and any other living thing, and it's specifically meant to dehumanize the baby.

Where exactly would I draw the line on health concerns? I have to admit that's a hard one for me to answer as well. I do see elective abortion (ones done not for life of the mother or extreme risks to health or situations where the baby can't survive, etc) as taking a human life. If there's an issue with life of the mother, it's a no-brainer exception for me. But the health one does get murky.

I understand that's, you know... A point in favor of the mother deciding given how varied circumstances can actually be. I get that. I just think that motherhood and fatherhood by their very nature confer a duty/responsibility to protect that child when possible, and not all parents do. Because of that, I lean towards wanting to protect children where possible, is all.

There's competing rights claims here for those who believe there are two individuals. There's competing claims about when parental responsibility becomes a matter of law (think laws against neglect, child support obligations, etc.)... But most of this comes down to (and I don't mean to give offense by saying this or misstate their position, but...) pro-choice people literally believe it's not a baby. Not a child. Not deserving of human rights. Not worth consideration (or at least not societal consideration rather than consideration of the mother).

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