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The shear volume of goodies being given away by to its users and token HODLers is simply mindblowing. As at yesterday it was already above $5,970,000, and according to a live counter in the site, over $610,000 and rising has been amassed for distribution at the end of today's trading activities (that is, at about 11:59PM Hong Kong time).
I'll show you how to participate in some of these amazing giveaways in this piece. But, if you ask me, I'd advice you to, first off, go SIGNUP AND PURCHASE THEIR NATIVE $AT TOKENS, look for and take a trade opportunity on this platform, and watch how your account get loaded with daily giveways.

OK, in case you were wondering, ABCC Exchange is a new cryptocurrency launched in early 2018, which has, by the diligence and innovative approach if its vastly experienced team of industry veterans, already grossed a seemingly impossible 24hrs volume of $400+ in the course of its young trading life. And that was even achieved before it ICOed its native $AT tokens.

Like I mentioned earlier on, you need that token if your really a token gem-hunter worth his onion. Why?
Listen up. This gem of a token was released for trading on the platform barely a week ago, and in that short space if time it rose from its $0.5 ICO price to a yesterday price of $2.27. And at the time I'm putting this together right now its going for $2.65!
Look, if this didn't fly underneath my raider, and I'd put $0.5M in few days ago, I might have been writng this update right now from some Caribbean beach resort. And with some cool $2.5M to boot. Phew!
Moreover, from what I see from the token structure and release, this doesn't look like what will slow down anytime soon, atleast not until the expiration of the first period of its Trade-To-Mine distribution timetable. Which is in far away late December 2018 or early January 2019.
Add the above fact to this: AT token will soon get on more exchanges, but all these gains are as a result of being on just one platform. And do you believe this is yet to be index by What will happen when the crowd from coinmarketccap comes calling?

Ok, let's continue with collecting more goodies from

AELF project listed its token on the platform thus past week, and to mark the listing, ABCC Exchange** is distributing 10,000 $AT Tokens among its $ELF holders.
To qualify...
-> You must be a new registrant on the site, not earlier than 1at of August
-> You must have a minimum of 1000 $ELF Tokens in your wallet wallet before 11:59PM (Hong Kong time UTC +8) on 4th of August, 2018.

1500 QTUM Social Media Bounty Program
They also have a bounty program running with where they'd be distributing 1500 $QTUM Tokens to their community members for doing simple social media tasks like joining their telegram channel, tetweeting on twitter and resharing on reddit.
You can JOIN HERE and take your share.
I'll be posting more updates soon as more goodies are released, so keep your eyes peeled.

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